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  1. Not much to say except this is a very fast card indeed Bought from www.ati.com Right now it is brand new factory sealed. 1 Year Warranty from www.ati.com I am planning on cutting out the UPC code and mail it in along with a voodoo 3 to ATI for the $50 upgrade plan. If you would rather not have me cut it, and do the $50 upg yourself, please add $30 to the price. If I do cut it, I will make copies of receipt/packing slip, and the UPC, so you can retain warranty. I am selling this for 350 + shipping I accept paypal verified non-cc only. Heatware: GloryField I have about 8-9 feedbacks, but I've sold one Opty 165 here, and another one on hardforums. Both were sold as brand new and my buyers can vouch for me on that. I highly recommend buyer to add insurance to shipping. We will split insurance, you pay half I pay half. USPS insurance for a $300-$400 item is $6. So insurance for you would only be $3, better safe than being sorry.
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