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  1. My HWMonitor core sensor(s) seem to be ok ...no weird readings ...would love to set up core temperature also on MBM as it bugs me that I need to run 2 progs just to monitor everything:mad:
  2. I don't know if this has been asked (I searched through the forum but have not found an answer). Can MBM be set to show temperatures for both cores (I have an nf4 Ultra-D and X2 3800+ on s939). Ib BIOS only one CPU temperature is shown, as well as in MBM, but HWMonitor shows the CPU temperature as well as both core temperatues so this should be no problem. On the other hand, if I enable CPU usage monitoring, it is shown for both cores separately:rolleyes:
  3. This were the timings i was using (for either the 166 or for the 150 divider): Now I loaded optimized defaults and set only the 3-4-3-8 timings manually, all other are set by bios and will test everything slowly in order to determin if 255-257Mhz is indeed the limit for ram...will also test if 2T pushes memory any higher.
  4. Yes, I intended to do that...but when running benchmarks and getting similar results it is very hard to tell which is better...I hope you guys would already know ...well of to the testing I guess:rolleyes: Anyway, another question: is it possible that running too tight timings on the memory can affect cpu speed and cpu voltage (i.e., with tighter timings the cpu would need more voltage to achive higher speeds than with relaxed timings).
  5. I have a question regarding memory...I read all guides and stickies, but I'm still unclear on this issue: I recently exchanges my 2x512MB DDR600 TCCD memory for 2x1024MB DDR500 UCCC memory (both TeamGroup Xtreem). I have a rather nice Venice 3000+ which clocks easily to 2800Mhz with default voltage, but for higher clocks needs added voltage:mad: Now, the new UCCC memory doesn't clock well..it maxes out around 255Mhz (3-4-3-8/1T). With 2925MHz on cpu (HTT325) what would offer better performance: - memory on 244MHz, 1T and 150 divider or - memory on 265Mhz, 2T and 166 divider CPU speed is the same in both cases (2925Mhz).
  6. Just one question: How come that you need to tweak the timings when you use the dividers when using 1:1 works perfectly with the same timings. I mean the reason the dividers are used is so you can run the memory a little slower the the cpu ....in order to gain more cpu MHz. So using a divider the memory "should" run a little easier than when 1:1 with the cpu.....but it seems that using a divider is even more hard on the memory than 1:1 ....I hope you know what I mean:)
  7. Well I have these settings on auto (both Max Async and Preamble), but no success. 623-3 bios seems to work with 166 divider, I am now trying the 406BTA ....hope it works.
  8. Right now I have the latest official bios and can not use the 180 or 166 dividers. When this dividers are used, the windows are not stable (reboots, freezes), but when memory is 1:1 no such problems (150 divider also works). Would a different bios (for example 623-3) possibly solve the divider issue...I really need only the 180 divider.
  9. I just began seriously overclocking the cpu and hit the wall with the memory dividers. The cpu is Venice 3000+ (running on x9 multi) and the memory is Teamgroup DDR600 TCCD memory (2x 512MB). The cpu and the memory run fine on 1:1 ratio up to 311 HTT (~2800MHz on cpu), but if I try to use a 180 or 166 divider on the memory the system crashes randomly ...like when starting Firefox or some other problem ....right now I am testing the 150 divider. Can this be the mother board issue (version AA0), bios issue (the latest official 0406 bios), or memory issue (which is the least likely)? I am try to get to 3000MHz with the cpu (333-334 HTT), so I will have to use a memory divider toget there.....but using 150 divider is a waste of memory ......180 divider would hit 300MHz on 334HTT.
  10. I see. I usually don't use the cmos reloaded profiles, but I have been noticing that since I got a new board (the old one died), that when I saved the working settings into one of the profiles, the system wouldn't start. Then after setting everything manually to the same settings, the system would boot to windows, but A64 Tweaker reported some timings totaly scrambled .....like cas 4.5 ...this was with 623-3 bios Yesterday I flashed to the latest official bios, so I will see, if this will continue....hope not
  11. Tried ...but without taking the battery out....will try the complete procedure tonight. Hope for the best.
  12. Well, I tested the cpu, the motherboard and the videocard, and the cpu and video work fine on another board.....so Ultra-D is the culprit. What could have happened...as I listed in my previous post, all 4 leds are lit, no sound is coming from the speaker, fans are spining, but no video (in both PCI-E slots) and the monitor led is blinking? I examined the board...no physical damage from what I saw ......wtf is wrong? Maybe corrupted bios .....how to solve that (10h clear cmos didn't help)?
  13. Damn, well the 4 leds would suggest the cpu is dead (or damaged). Anything beside the cpu possible?
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