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  1. ok try this 1. when using sli make sure the jumpers (6 big blocks) are on sli mode and connect 1 monitor to the top card. 2. when nor using sli make sure the jumpers aren't in sli mode. 3. put the cpu and mem settings to a minimum in the bios 4. lay down your problem on dfi-street forum good luck
  2. ok i haven't read all the post since a while, and i'm not going to, so if i say something someone else already sad, sorry i flashed my asus v9950 nu (fx 5900 nu) to a fx 5950 ultra but lost some of the asus goodies (smartdocter and stuff) and my tv out!!! now i have obtained a copy of an original bios from a v9980 ultra!!! from asus all my asus goodies are back so for all of u who are still looking for this bios mail me at [email protected] an say bios asus v9980 as subject and i will mail it back to u if there is someone with a website for bios updates contact me also
  3. you can buy a raid card for ide 133 to place in a pci slot
  4. sometimes in hot places the carsalesman wil disable the thermostat this way the car will cool beter cause the coolant is always flowing you might wanna try this (often you can see this cause the watertemp won't hit 85C) place a piece of cardboard in front of you radiator not coffering it just 50/60%, keep a close eye on your watertemp if it gets to high cut a piece of
  5. try useing Aida32 it also says what speed your agp is working on this moment i flashed my asus v9950non ultra to the bios given by nuke (thanks m8) and run verry smooth on new speeds clock @ 475 (3d) 300(2d) and mem @950 my temps are stable in windows and office stuff @32C and after 2 hours of plating NFSU or COD it runs up to 48C but cools down quick in windows again got to say its the best stock cooling ever seen and not loud!! btw my case/mobo temps are 28C stable as a rock the only changes when i shut off my pc (fans ceep on spinning 5 min on 5 Volts B) ) my room temps are 21C +/- 2C
  6. ok i don't own one but i work at Spyker and we built these baby's
  7. ok i've done it it works and it is stable my new stock speeds are 2d core @300 3d core @475 mem @ 950 also the temps are fine 34 at the moment windows/internet 40 when i have played 60min of nfsu full open i don't think i will buy an aftermarket cooling my asus cooling seems to work perfect
  8. well i've got for pc use this set of speakers (see pic) Abit sp-50 and for home use i have a nice set of KEF KHT 2005 powered by my denon 1803
  9. don't you guys think i wouldn't look there first? no gpu bios to download on the site and i don't think they will send a bios to replace one on a 9950 card
  10. i like to flash my v9950 non ultra to a fx5950ultra but i also like to keep a asus card so i was looking for a bios from a asus v9980ultra so do u have a v9980ultra? will you plz backup your bios for me and send it to me?
  11. well the via chipset is the southbridge via tech here you can find more info on that chipset the rest i realy don't know or can't figur out
  12. well it is correct when you format the drive you can count 120GB at most drives but the usefull space is less this is because the drive needs a MBR master boot record this record shows your os were the files are some sort of index there are a few brands that calculate the mbr into the name so when they say 120 it is 128 or so but u can use only 120 but they are a few
  13. after getting my new heatsink a Zalman cnps700a-cu i was asking how the air was going through my case so i put my case on my desk (usualy under my desk ) removed the side and placed a glass plate to it (holding by a few books) i connected onley the powercord so the system will only boot to bios (not importaint though) the fans were al spinning at full. i used some esence (you can also use smoke from a cigar ) and hold it by my intake near my heatsink i saw the air being pulled out by mine 120 Papst (100.1 cfm!!!) and the lower fan of mine psu!!! this way the hsf pulled less air then normal!!! switched the 120 to the top of the case and put a 80 fan (20cfm) at the rear. the temps of my cpu die droped by 4C !!! so i you have a big fan at the rear and a fan at the bottum of your psu try this and see if it will help you cool down your cpu (or easyer turn down your aft fans with your fan controller)
  14. read this post of mine from a while ago http://forums.overclockersclub.com/?showto...=10entry68121 it will let you see how those connetors work i also send a pic (look below) of mine extractor thing
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