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  1. Same problem here. Are there any solutions? Here is a detailed description of my problem: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20766
  2. You own a nF3, I own a nF4 Board. Are they similar to each other? I let my components run at stock speeds. There is no overclock!
  3. My CPU isn't overclocked and my ram runs at default settings but I have these problem too. It takes 5-10 seconds before I hear the beep. I tried several bios versions and I did a long clear CMOS. This isn't a real problem for me but a faster boot time would be nice.
  4. I think I fixed my freezes! The new Marvell Yukon drivers which are available at Windows Update causes the problem. I've installed the old drivers which are supplied by the DFI Driver-CD and the problem doesn't exist anymore!
  5. Yesterday I had the same problem. I leave my computer alone and when I come back the system was freezed. Only a reset could bring him back to life. Need a solution for this.
  6. Hmm... I googled a bit and I didn't found other people who has the same problem as me. And suddenly Windows freezes on the desktop when the computer was idling. No input was possible. Very strange...
  7. Yes, it was working right. But now it's seems to work again. Windows and it's bugs... Firstable I thought the problems were caused by the motherboard. Now I can say it seems that it isn't the causer of my problem.
  8. I've formated the first harddrive. The second harddrive (with Linux) still exists. I booted with the LiveCD to reinstall the boot manager, because I want to be able to boot Linux. Windows overwrites the boot manager with it's own. Edit: Maybe I solved it! I've read in the Microsoft Knowledge Base (really new article, it has been published on 27 of July) that there is a Windows / nVidia Bug which causes this black screen. Solution: Disable Antialiasing. This is the first time a Microsoft help solves my problem. :shake:
  9. Hi, A few days ago I built my new system, installed Windows and all works fine. On my second harddrive there was an old Gentoo Linux installation which I wanted to reactivate. So I booted up with my Gentoo 2005.1 LiveCD and installed the Grub bootmanager into the MBR of the first harddrive. After that I booted Windows XP again. Now the problems begun. The Marvell Yukon Ethernet-Adapter was not working. It says it has no cable inserted. I could solve this by clearing the CMOS. I went into Bios, set all settings to it's old values and booted Linux. But the graphical interface wasn't working very well. The attempt to open a programm crashed the computer with a coloured screen. I pushed the reset button and booted Windows. Severel programs were showing up errors that they can't start. Changing the screen resolution results in a black screen. The monitor goes in standby mode. Half-Life 2 doesn't start anymore - black screen. Even a reinstall of Windows XP and a clear cmos (30 minutes) couldn't help. What's wrong? All drivers are up to date. MorLipf
  10. My ram seems stable now with 2,8V. And now I think I have an idea why the SoundBlaster was not working properly. It shares the IRQ with the video card. Maybe that causes my blue screen in 3DMark.
  11. I had similar problems. In 3DMark05 I got an Blue Screen which shows that the Audigy 2 driver is causing that. Next day the board doesn't recognise it anymore. After reinserting it works again. Now I have no problems. I hope that my problems won't come again.
  12. Thanks, I will try it. A few minutes ago I tested the ram in memtest without errors. After that I disabled memtest and switched my computer off. But I couldn't turn it on again. I got a black screen and no beep noises. So I cleared the CMOS and then it booted. Yesterday I turned it off and removed the power cord over night. This morning my SoundBlaster wasn't recognised anylonger. Is this in conjunction with the problems I've written down above?
  13. Hi, I own 2x 512MB Corsair XMS Twinx PC4000 with TCCC chips. The only thing I want is to get it stable at 400MHz and it's default timings 3-3-3-8-1t. The voltage is set to 2,8V. If I test each ram separately it don't get any error in Memtest86+. But in dual channel I get 11 errors in test #8. Now I've disabled bank interleave and they seem to be stable. But there must be another solution, I don't want to decrease my memory bandwidths. I've tested the following bios versions without succes: 623-3 (the current version I've flashed), 702-1. 702-2. Do you can help me to configure my ram? MorLipf Edit: Now it seems stable with bank interleave = enable. What's going on with my board / ram? This can't be a normal behaviour.
  14. Now I think it's a cold boot issue. If I remove the power cord and then replug it sometimes the video card does not start. The fan isn't running. After a second try it runs but then I can't boot. It reboots at "Verifying DMI Pool Data". Then I go into the bios choose "Save and Exit" and then I can boot. If I don't remove the power cord I can shutdown and boot the computer without any problems. Is this a known problem? Now my SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS isn't recognised anylonger. Need a solution for this! Now it does always reboot at the DMI Pool data point. All bios settings are default... Third Edit: A few minutes ago I've flashed to bios version 7/02-1. I hope it will help. After reinserting my sound card it's recognised again. The reboot @ "Verifying DMI Pool Data" seems to gone away. Maybe the -1 bios is better for my ram (TCCC).
  15. Now I've set all timings to auto. Even the timings which are set to manual by the bios defaults. It seems to run now. I continue my tests tomorrow. I tested SuperPi 32M, 3DMark05 and 90 minutes CS:Source. Or can it also be a variant of the cold boot issue?
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