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  1. Ive read a TON of issues with the combo between Q6600 + 6xxx combo... Google it... they really dont like each other. Hardforum.com has a bunch of issues on it regarding this combo an in general its recommended if your going Quad core go with a P35 board to avoid the issues assoicated with the 680 chipset.. ip35-pro yields on average with a q6600 ~3.3, gigabyte boards are right in the same ballpark with a few hitting 3.6
  2. Branjo do you have the Audio Latency issue like many other Gigabyte board owners are reporting as mentioned in this thread from toms hardware... [ http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/247210-3...cy-problem-ds3r ] the EP35-DS3R was #1 on my list until I read this... Now I'm having 2nd thoughts, and i just ordered my Q6600 and RAM...
  3. Hey guys Im about to pull the trigger on my first intel based computer but before i go ahead i just had a few questions... which ram should i go ahead and get if i plan to OC my Q6600? It's between Gskill and Team for me (4gb)... and im trying to stay under 100$.. what would you guys recommend? Ill be getting a Q6600 G0 from clubit.com Gigabyte EP35 DS3R Thermalright 120X and one of the afore mentioned RAM (4GB -2x2gb DDR2 800 ) also: with the G0 stepping, does it matter if its BX80562Q6600 SLACR vs HH80562PH0568M SLACR?
  4. i had a similar problem with my old computer, i bumped up cpu vltg a little and it was all better
  5. i know i remember reading a bunch of this stuff when the board first came out... so far ive accomplished this since my last post, 166 divider @ 1T , lower volts in bios to 1.6v = 1.42v in mbm5 and cpu-z, passed 3 tests so far =]!!!! as far as the sata thing goes, thats a PITA, and i know ur sposed to install @ defualt clocks, but id get further along in the installation WHEN OC'd then i would default lol... its crazy
  6. i am still currently using C19 bios. ( so cpu voltage is .800 - 1.850, no special, no addition +.(v)) im set to 1.65v on cpu and its showing as ~1.50 in cpu-z and mbm5 with the datafiles for nf3/4, and i also Redid my AS5 and it dropped 12c on load. currently running 2.7ghz @ 166 divider, 10x multi, 3x ldt, 2.9v ram, 1.75v chip, 1.6v agp @ 67 mhz, rams in yellow slots, and cpu throttling off and Drive strength @ 50% reduction... and im currently running torture test (large) and its passing so far its on the 3rd test. no random reboots/locking too ..... Using 1 HDD 80gb WD ATA100 .. was unable to get any SATA drives (using 1 only) to work properly, tried a maxtor 320gb 16mb cache maxline 3, didnt work so i sold it, tried a WD RE 250 gb 16mb cache, couldnt get that working either.... however i have not tried the WD again since the i was Using the Venice, if this ends up being stable, im going to re try using these c19 bios and maybe get lucky and have more than 80gb at my disposal =)
  7. im starting to think its undervolting myself. "CPU Voltage adjusting = +0.1v" how come this is greyd out? i want to use this lol but i cant... i can only select CPU between 0.8 - 1.8 and right now im on 1.625 and it reads 1.504 in CPU-z, thinkin bout bumping it up a lil more
  8. i got them both to work, screwy lol, i set the mem freq to 200 instead of auto, and 2T.. and im now in windows running 280x10... cpu vltg doesnt seem to be to accurate though as usual... 1.550 in bios, says 1.349 in cpu-z... also, i tried running the opty at what i was using for my venice, 300HTT x 8 multi, 3x LDT and for some reason it doesnt like 8x, or even 7x multi lol... itll say 360 HTT in bios, but in windows its 200 and cpu is only 1600mhz lol... ahh well , guess i can live with 10x multi <3
  9. using pata drive, trying to use 2x512 patriot xblks but i seem to be having a problem, i flashed to C19 bios before installing the opty and i couldnt even get into windows, it would reboot soons it got into windows (@ stock clocks)... hooked up an opty that friend let me get and with the ram in the orange slots, same problem, couldnt get into windows. I disabled CPU throttling, and used 1 stick of the patriots in the yellow slot and boom, here i am right now in windows... but if i try and pop the second stick in, it locks.. mem is default at 1T... and i tried bumping up the voltage (cpu) to 1.400v (stock htt etc) and it wouldnt boot period, had to clear cmos.. 8/24 didnt work well for me with my venice, so im a little unsure about trying it again with the opteron... whachu guys think, will 7/11 work with an opty?
  10. no its fine, i like hearing peoples opinions because they were along my train of thought at first, its important to beaware of deals too good to be true, in my first post i forgot to mention i knew this kid for 6 yrs tho, any atfirst the concern was is 1.6v to high, and then my friend rebooted and his vltg is actually 1.525 * 104% for 2.81 stable. but you guys think id notice enough of a performance boost making this move? What BIOS would i have to flash to get the Opty working on the nf3 ultra? im using 7/10 now
  11. this is also true, we both already agreed that 2.8 @ 1.6 is high/hot, but im probably going to stay around 2.6-2.7 anyway since im bad at OCing lol, plus im only spending 25$, and getting rid this 3200 venice which im running at 2.5ghz right now correction: his voltage is set to 1.525 * 104% ~1.586v to get 2.81 ghz stable
  12. ss of his CPU-Z [ http://img131.imageshack.us/img131/6673/146cacjeor4.jpg ] ive been friends with him for 7 years, so its not like i barely know him, he just ordered a new opty that hes gonna try to get to 3ghz, so rather than sell it to some random i offered my venice and another $25, (hes going to resell the venice tho) but do you guys think thats a good deal? will the opty work with a nf3 ultra-d? ss of CPU-Z mem [ http://img63.imageshack.us/img63/9704/146cacjememoryti5.jpg ]
  13. a friend has an opteron 146, he wants to sell it, we agreed to trade instead, my 3200+ venice plus 25$ for his opty that can do 2.8 @ 1.6v, whachu think? =]
  14. my friends AM2 Asus wont ship form newegg what am2 motherboards would you guys recommend (he is looking to get into a little overclocking)
  15. Maxtor is sending me a replacement 300gb sata drive... and i asked and there is an available firmware update to fix "a problem doing a clean install with windows xp (hanging)" as described by maxtor's 'senior tech' that was for the fv300f0 .. not sure if urs has an update but its worth a call - 1800-2maxtor
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