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  1. hahaha! I guess i'm not the only one! http://www.tomshardware.com/2008/02/15/vista_workshop/
  2. oh, sorry. go ahead and delete the thread.
  3. oops...sorry, i knew that...slipped my mind.
  4. I'm selling the CD in sleeve, shipped for $12. PP only, no cc.
  5. I started with 2x1gb and vista x64 idled at 700MB. i moved to 2x2gb and it idled around 900mb. i finally upgraded to 4x2gb and it now idles around 1.3gb. basically what i'm getting at is vista uses a fixed % of ram to store things you access regularly. so, the more the memory the faster vista runs.
  6. I'm selling my barely used eVGA 8800 GT 512MB Superclocked 650/950 video card with free Enemy Territory - Quake Wars. It includes the box and all the content. This card will run 700/1000 on stock cooling and probably much further if you buy an aftermarket cooler. I was able to score 15,000 in 3DMark06 (check sig) using this card at 700/1000 and a Q6600 @ 3.6GHz. I've played tons of games including COD4, Crysis, Orange Box, Bioshock and a few others with max settings at 1920x1200 and it looks great (minus Crysis of course). Crysis ran great at 30+fps 1440x900 with highest settings (no aa/af). I am asking $220 shipped for this card. Paypal only. If you need to pay via cc, please add 7% for cc purchases, for a total of $235.40. My Heatware, iTrader and eBay responses.
  7. SOLD!!! Thanks for looking. I've upgraded to a quad core and am selling my dual core E6600. I ran it at 3.6GHz 24/7 at 1.425V, orthos stable, but it will do 3.8GHz at 1.525V orthos stable. I'm asking $155 shipped.
  8. I'm upgrading and am selling my E6600. I bought it back in March and have been running it at 3.6GHz @ 1.45V (actual). I recently tweaked it to 3.8GHz @ 1.57V. I'm asking $180 shipped and accept paypal (no cc) and money orders (USPS only). Heatware iTrader eBay
  9. if you click the BIOS link in my sig, you'll see the voltage settings I'm using on each. Most everyone with the same setup are using the same voltages, although cpu and mem vary based on the quality of your chips.
  10. most are getting 400*8=3.2GHz on the Q6600. Those on good water setup are getting 400*9=3.6GHz. As for the mobo, I'd suggest one that supports DDR3 since you'll get the most bang for your buck in terms of future proofing. They say the 680i will support Penryn, but who really knows for sure. Plus, they're saying the 680i will top out below the Penryn's capabilities, limiting you from the max potential of the chip. I got my 680i when they first came out, so I'm happy with my purchase, but if I was looking to buy today, I'd heavily be considering DDR3 and getting preped for Penryn.
  11. SOLD!!! Never used set of 2GB (2x1GB) G.Skill PC4000 DDR 500. Asking $150 shipped OBO before I put it on eBay.
  12. put the HTT link at 4x, raise your vcore to 1.50V (about 1.45V vdroop), lower your mem ratio and start pushing the FSB. Try 210, 220, 230, etc, with a target of 3GHz (273). you're running air, so realistic is about 2.6 - 2.8GHz. use orthos blend level 9 to check stablity. BTW...you're robbing yourself of performance on the mem. SPD reads 2-2-2-5 but you're running 2-3-2-5. find your max cpu oc, then lower the multi on the cpu and find your max mem oc, then look for a good mem/cpu combo for max system oc.
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