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  1. I have had this problem since the start. It's bloody ridiculous. And the advice is nearly always irrelevant. Seriously, is clearing the CMOS for 10 days really going to make dual channel work if it never worked in the first place? And why should we have to do stuff like this to get the basics working???
  2. I did follow all the standard advice. I think you've hit the nail on the head there. I'm wasting my time. Although maybe there is some small little thing that might make this thing work it's just not worth the hassle trying to figure the hell out what it is. I have a pretty standard set up here and it aint working as it should. Unfortunately I have no friend here with a pc I can just plonk the cpu into. Building pcs just aint a popular pastime round these parts... i'll get a new mobo...maybe an ABIT AN8 Ultra to see if it's the cpu or not...
  3. I think that was the last one I flashed to. It's been a while... Well I guess it's some kind of hardware fault. I was thinking to invest in an ABIT board just to suss out if it's the cpu or not. Then i can RMA the new board if it's still not working and...buy a new X2 or something. Actually if the cpu is dodgy I should get a refund or replacement on it I guess. How to prove that though???
  4. I tried everything a few months ago...I just came back to the forum now to see if any others had the same problem and managed to overcome it. I cleared CMOS, orange slots, yellow slots, more voltage, less voltage, default timings, tight timings, loose timings, all 4 power connectors, official bios 510 and after, beta bios, oskar wu bios, bh-5 prefered bios... Each stick of ram works fine on it's own. i have memtested them for an hour or so with no problems. They also show the same timings in bios. I have 2 sets: 2 * 512mb twinmos speed premium pc3500 bh-5 and 2 * 256mb kingston hyperx 3000 bh-5. all of them work fine on their own. I have been trying to get 2 identical sticks to run together....not all 4. completely without any success. Doesn't even post. Is the problem the mb, the cpu or the ram? Or 2 or more of those variables? who knows....
  5. I've tried everything and still I can't get my 2 sticks of bh-5 to work together. I never reached the bios once in dual channel but each stick works fine on its own. I have tried pretty much EVERYTHING to get em working... Could this be the cpu? Or more likely the mb?
  6. I have same problem with that ram on ultra-d. Except it won't even post for me.
  7. either. no combination works. that 1a4t is speed premium right?
  8. Yeah, I'll try it again later though. Anyone ever had a faulty memory controller on their cpu? It's damn tricky trying to figure out the problem with all the variables.
  9. Yeah, I tried those or similar settings. Do you think one small change in there could affect ability to run dc? I mean it's stuck on 3 leds ALL the time. I'm not fine tuning now. Just trying to get it to post.
  10. no success above stock. Actually that ram wasn't great on nf2. but at least I could get to bios. I can't get into bios now.
  11. Ok simple question. If there is someone here who has 2 * 512mb sticks of Twinmos Speed Premium pc3500 bh-5 running in DC on their ultra-d could they please post the bios they are using and also the Dram settings in the bios. Both sticks are memtest stable in single channel mode. Also they only work in slots 1 and 2. I have had no success using slots 3 and 4 in single or dual channel. Believe me i have tried many bios, voltages, clearing cmos etc. so I'm looking for someone who had similar problems that they overcame to tell me exactly what they did. Why won't it just work at default settings? The ram worked fine in my nforce 2 ultra infinity.
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