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  1. Will do. Any reason why the guys in CA wouldn't replace them when I sent it back?
  2. Yeah, in the socket, was the stupidest thing I could have done. Beyond reapair? That sux. Wouldn't they tell me though? For got to mention that when I got it back the first time there were two arrows on the board pointing to resistors. I don't know what that means.
  3. Long story short... I had a Vapochill XE, as like an idiot I put di-electric grease in the CPU socket. In the end I end up frying an FX-55 and it takes out mem slots 3 & 4. So I RMA the board fill out the info on the rma sheet saying that 3 & 4 cause the motherboard to no-post. They send it back saying the socket is too dirty to test the board. If they had told me before they sent it back I would have just paid to put a new socket in, but it comes back and clean it up myself. That fine with me, I talk to them about it and am very happy that they offer to pay for shipping back. I send it back they clean it a liittle more, test it and tell me that they motherboard is fine as long as I don't put mem in slots 3 & 4. I now have the motherboard in my possesion and it still doesn't work. I have been without my PC now for month. This might not even be the place to post this, but all I want is my pc to work and right now I've had it with the tech support. Can someone here talk to the guys in Sac, CA and get them to actually FIX it next time I send it in? Thanks.
  4. A Scream

    Venice 2T

    the newer bios worked.
  5. A Scream

    Venice 2T

    the cpu speed is a little low for that voltage cwa4me. I set it stock v and it booted but I can't get it to boot at stock speed.
  6. A Scream

    Computer verification

    assuming you know not to accidently get the wrong socket mobo... I looks pretty good. although I have always used onboard sound and I have never had a prob. unless you have a mega sound system, I wouldn't get the sound card. also, you might want to put more spec up ther. ther are a bunch a A64SD's out ther, a boat load of DFI boards, many different brands of 6800GT's... you get the idea.
  7. A Scream

    Venice 2T

    ok, filled in a sig. and I know how to use the 1T timing. It's just that my CPU won't boot @ the 1T timing. timings are extremely loose right now. 3,3,3,10 I'm pretty sure. 290 10x multi. but it doesn't boot up no matter what the speed of the CPU is.
  8. I did some searching and ran out of patience. I currently have to run my Venice w/ the 2T timing. is there a fix? help. LP SLI-DR 3/10 bios 3800 Venice.