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  1. No seƱor, use this for the expert: http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=81136
  2. I had the same problem, it was the psu that was dying. The psu did work when jumpstarted. I believe the dfi nf4 boards sometimes kills the weak standby rail of psu`s because of some bug in the custom dram power system.
  3. I tried DFI Nforce 4 Taipan 03-01-2008 NVMM 4.062.19 19-06-2006, and it works better than the latest official bios, let`s me overclock a tad more without raising the voltages. Very nice! What is nvmm anyways?
  4. The intergalactic bios police tried to arrest me the last time i flashed a modified bios, thank god i had my spaceship (Nissan sunny) parked outside!
  5. Anyone know what is modded in this one? And which bios it is based on?
  6. Okay, it`s rated at cas3, but cas2.5 works. Thanks
  7. Hi, i just got my new ram, crucial 2X1GB 3-3-3-6 Ram. It`s currently at 400MHZ 1t command rate. Is it possible to tweak the timings to achieve CAS2? More voltage didn`t help.
  8. Yes it will work. I use the bridge from a MSI board. And yes, the mod works perfectly.
  9. Seems one of the jumpers were broken, all fixed now
  10. Hi! I bought a ati X1950XT to replace my 2x 6600gt (SLI). If i put the ati card in the top slot the computer boots normally, but there`s no picture on the monitor and the fan on the ati just keeps spinning at full speed. It works on the bottom slot however. I was previously running SLI but i have set the jumpers back to "normal". Does anyone have a clue what is wrong?
  11. Then there`s probably an error in the bios. Move the jumper back, boot up. Shut down and move it again, maybe that helps
  12. Lol, stop blaming winflash for all the worlds problems. It actually works if you use it right.
  13. Where can i get a new sli bridge? Or do i have to buy a new mobo? I live in Norway:confused:
  14. I`ve flashed every available bios with winflash, never been any problems here. Strange
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