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  1. I've got a DFI LANParty LT P35-T2R with the 3/17 BIOS, a Q9450 (C1 stepping) and 8GB (4x 2GB) of G.Skill RAM rated at DDR2 1066. I am on very good water, the CPU has a D-Tek FuZion using the quad nozzle in the proper orientation, and the intake seal. With a PA120.3 rad and MCP655 pump. The NB has a passive HR-05 IFX installed on it. I was all geared up for some impressive overclocking, with reports of this board hitting 600FSB and all. Now I know that I will not hit 600MHz using a quad and 8gb of RAM, but I was hoping for at least stability in the mid to high 400s. I would be happy with 475MHz FSB. Well apparently, that was not in store for me. Instead, I can't get 400MHz FSB stable -- OCCT fails in ~2 seconds. :eek2: I am pretty sure the RAM is holding me back, because I tried setting all voltages/speeds to stock, and then I set the RAM divider to 333/1066 so it would actually run at it's rated speed. The result? No POST and a CMOS reset required. I'm thinking that I really need to adjust all the parameters under the DRAM configuration page in the BIOS. Most of them are set to AUTO, other than the 4 main ones which are set to 5-5-5-15, the rated timings on the RAM. Can anybody help me with this? What settings under the DRAM configuration should I change, and what should I change them to? I am willing to settle for loose RAM timings. All I require is that I keep all 8gb. Are there any custom BIOSs I could use? Can anybody help me?
  2. I just got the DFI LanParty LT P35-T2R motherboard today and I have a question about the PCI-e x16 slots. Here is a picture of the board: The manual says that the x16 slot all the way to the right is 16x an the middle one is 4x. Did I misunderstand that? If not, can I make that be switched around, as the middle would be a much more convenient location for my video card.
  3. What about the just 500, and not over? I will be putting a thermalright HR-05 IFX chipset cooler on the NB with an 80mm fan, an HR-05 SLI on the SB and if it fits, a thermalright mosfet cooler on the mosfets. Will the LT x48 work with 4x 2GB ram sticks, DDR2 1066?
  4. I am looking to get a board that is capable of 500+ FSB (if not CPU limited), and will run 8gb (4x2 ddr2 1066) of RAM with a Q9450, on water cooling. I am considering a DFI x48 board but there are three of them and I can't tell the differences other than the names and colors. Here are the links: http://us.dfi.com.tw/Product/xx_product_sp...LP%20DK&SITE=US http://us.dfi.com.tw/Product/xx_product_sp...LP%20LT&SITE=US http://us.dfi.com.tw/Product/xx_product_sp...LP%20UT&SITE=US Anybody know the differences? Which is the best? Should they be able to do 500+ FSB if not CPU limited? How is vdroop?
  5. I'd say an X-fi XtremeMusic. Also this is probably in the wrong section. BTW, my X-fi has no problems with my ultra-d.
  6. Ok, I reseated the CPU, and now it's working great. Thanks for your help guys.
  7. Alright, so that basicly tells me that the slots might not be dead. But what am I to do if it refuses to boot dual channel in both the orange and yellow slots??
  8. Yes, I manually set the correct timings with one stick.
  9. update. Tried pulling the sound card. No go. I have now tested all four RAM slots with 1 stick of RAM, here are the results: Slot 1 - POST Slot 2 - POST Slot 3 - No post, continuous beeps Slot 4 - No post, continuous beeps Umm, crap. Does this mean the slots don't work?? I will really be SOL if that is the case. is there anything else I can do??
  10. I said I have tried both the yellow slots and the orange slots. Both have the same result. But when I use just one stick it works fine.
  11. Hey, this is driving me nuts here. I used to have an Ultra-D Rev. AA0, but the chipset temps, voltage readouts and overall stability sucked, so I replaced it with a Rev AD0, which I have heard is a lot better. Anyway, using the exact same parts and BIOS on the rev AD0, I simply can not get the system to POST in dual channel. I have tried both the orange slots and the yellow slots, no go. I just get 3 red LEDs and continuous beeps. I have tried clearing the CMOS using this method: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...04&postcount=24 I followed the steps EXACTLY, and it did not help at all. I reflashed the 11/14 BIOS, but that also did not help in the slightest. Both sticks of RAM work just fine if I use just one of them in slot 2. I have tried everything I can think of, but nothing is working. I can not try them in the AA0 board, because unfortunately scythe (heatsink maker) did not make their backplate with switching mobo's in mind, and I literally had to pry it off with a screw driver and a needle nose pliers, and well, lets just say the board was not happy. Can anybody please help me here? This is driving me totally crazy. I would be happy to post more info if you need it. My signature is up to date, and nothing is overclocked. BTW, I checked the rails on my PSU, they are all rock solid. And Prime95 works flawlessly with 1 stick of RAM.
  12. Thanks a lot! Seems to have been updated since I last saw it, never used to be pictures.
  13. I remember a LONG time ago, I read a very good guide on these forums on how to clear the CMOS from a no boot condition. I believe it involved using the motherboard speaker jumper, and a PS2 keyboard. However I can not find it now. I think it was posted by Rgone, and it was not stickied. Can you help me find it?
  14. That's not very much help, as the TTBT kicks the crap out of the XP-90 by about 12C. I think I heard somewhere that you need to get longer screws.
  15. Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought the doom 3 engine is multithreaded. I would try the dual core fix.
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