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  1. This cards rocks in SLI :-) I re-play F.E.A.R. thanks to these cards :-)
  2. with some games it is not possible to put max settings on 1280x1024 resolution with just a 7900GS. With SLI, it is now possible.
  3. hello, I play on a 1280x1024 screen display with a SLI of 7900GS. And I couldn't believe how high it performs in terms of image quality settings and frames per second with high settings activated. SLI is expensive but it performs very well
  4. jep, I am gonna try the Sil chip and see what happens. thx.
  5. Is there a solution to my problem ? please help ?
  6. things are going more badly : I have random reboots even when just surfing on the net and freeze in windows. I have tried with my Asrock motherboard with the same devices and peripherals : all is working great. It seems the nf4 SATA controller is the problem.
  7. @ lowboy : yes, OS fresh install on the hard drive. When I am in windows, all is fine in the device manager and the PC works nromally.
  8. Hello, I have a problem for a month. Before all was fine and works great for 7 months. The problem is that when I start the PC by pushing the START button on my case, the PC boots but doesn't detect my HDD SATA disk, so I have a BOOT DISK FAILURE message on screen. Then, Ireset and still the same problem. The only way to boot correctly is to shutdown the PC, press the 0/1 switch button at the back of the PSU (switch OFF) and wait for 5 sec. After that I press again the 0/1 switch button at the back of the PSU (switch ON), and the PC boots correctly and my HDD is perfectly detected. Someone could helps me and explain what's wrong on my PC ?
  9. SVC.com doesn't ship globally, is it possible someone send me one. I will pay for shipping to Belgium where I live.
  10. Hi, Does someone know if the new video card 7950GX2 is compatible with the DFI Lanparty NF4 boards ? On the http://www.nvidia.com/gx2 site, I only see a Infinity board which is compatible. Thanks, kind regards.
  11. you can check at www.slizone.com
  12. hello, Do you ship for international buyers ? If yes, I am in Europe (Belgium), how high transportation costs are for this 7800GT?
  13. What is the best to play any games in 1280x1024 with full detailed. Or it is better to buy a X1900XT for HDR and AA activated ? Waht do you think ?
  14. great ! have fun with this card :-) Sad that some pictures don't get loaded at all...
  15. hello guys, I have a 7800GT and a AC Silencer 5 applied on it. I use the defeult thermal solution on the Silencer and it decreases in idle by 5°C and in load almost 15°C. I took some shoots during mounting it on my video card : http://lorenzoxbe.free.fr/divers/ This silencer is unbelievable : silent and cold ! GREAT ! Have fun soundx98 !
  16. Are you in BTX configuration ? If yes, does it take long to switch ATX into BTX with all the screws in the Stacker 810 ? thanks in advance
  17. I hope that you wil enjoy this monster rig you are building.
  18. online UK shop : http://www.scan.co.uk/Products/ProductInfo...roductID=312606
  19. on a Dutch online shop : http://www.alternate.nl/html/shop/productD...l?artno=GZZD01&
  20. SLI Bridge on a french online shop : http://boutique.3dchips-fr.com/product_inf...roducts_id/3117 for 10 €
  21. Hello, I have a question : Why don't you talk more about the chipset limitation in the tutorial ? Some bad chipsets can not support high HTT/FSB and can be an issue in finding the max CPU frequency. The guide should talk about the voltage increase in the chipset as a solution for that limitation. What you think about that ?
  22. Hi First time I set up my DFI rig, I was unable to install windows. During this installation, I had blue screen. Then I simply switched the memory sticks in the orange slots and all went fine. I can't explain why...
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