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  1. Ok, ive been waiting for OVER a month now, and its starting to piss me off. Newegg keeps re scheduling the arrival of their Vantec Molex Kits to get back in stock, but i dont feel like waiting this long. The following is shown here: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16812999036 I am so fed up, im about to say screw the molex kit and i just want to find a molex remover tool. Im going to be sleeving all of my 4 pin wires and my 2 pci-express power cords. So i basically need a tool that i can remove those 2 connectors. Umm, im not too sure what the tool is called or where i can find it. I am keeping my range close, as in ordering from newegg or just finding a tool like such at the home depot or lowes. Please help me out, thanks Tom
  2. muahahha, i use the yellow slots only... ME LIKE POWER !!! :cat: :nod: ...im like angry, i only use the yellow slots :cool:
  3. said and done, ide reccomend you to go with a high quality OCZ product, much like the Gold series. Tom
  4. thx VenuS for that responce... its weird because my stock case thumb screws fit 101 perfect into the holes... are you saying u cant install them, or yours just dont fit in? also share with me what kind ect u got, ill try a different and give you some feedback once i order my big list of parts.
  5. venus, what did you use to cut those squares out? and what did you use to insolate them? that black stuff... what is it? thanks, Tom
  6. yes he is. and yes you can use those.
  7. heh, sometime this coming week my dad is going to lap my chipset for me
  8. Well some people ive talked to have the CM Centurion 5 case like i, so i decided to post my latest mod i have done to my case. the tools i used: aviation snips 1/2'' file, 1/2 round those of you who own a CM C5 know that when you get the case, it comes with mesh front metal panels. i removed ALL of mine, saved a few, and they actually came to good use for me =] all i did was take a 120mm fan, trace with pencil the inside of the fan border, and cut it out roughly with my snips, then i smoothed the cut with a 1/2 round file. fan mounted, showing my CD drive above it that it fits nicely. ^ a close up of the previous picture. ^ you can see how the fan mounts to the case, and the fan itself with the bracket on. ^ my CD drive itself, with the fan underneath removed for easy portability. ^ thats all the pictures ive got for now, currently my computer is running OOTB (out of the box) and all the parts are just placed on boxes and such, so thats how im taking pictures. i just used my stock 120mm case fan from the back to try out this mod of mine, because soon i am expecting an aspire or vantec (high CFM) 120mm fan so i can put my pc back in its case. thats my mod... how do you like it? Tom
  9. LOL^^ THATS THE FUNNIEST THING IVE HEARD ALL YEAR! :shake: :shake: :shake:
  10. DAMN! can someone please help me out with possible memory cooling solutions for the Coolermaster Centurion 5 case? i have one but i cant think of good ways for memory cooling, especally due to close corners (not alot of extra case room).
  11. hey, is my location ok? :dog: haha ill change it tomorrow :cat:
  12. :shake: thats why you put the butter on AFTER you toast the toast.
  13. DANG! now i regret buying my dfi 2 months earlier =[... nah i love my DFI and it loves me Tom
  14. cat, sorry, but as i said before... i dont have really that much room to bring me desk out or move any furniture... if i do that my desk will end up being in the middle of me room Tom ---------------------------------------------- THREAD CANCLED.
  15. haha. i am glad to find out their are atleast 3 near-my-age teens here.
  16. that sounds easy, and would be a good idea, but with me close corners, i cant
  17. ok, so by now i THINK im gonna go with the VANTEC SF12025L 120mm 2 Ball Case Cooling Fan - Retail or the ASPIRE CF12S 120mm Cooling Fan - Retail... i cant decided which now! (im going to be using this as my other front exaust as you know)
  18. haha you scared me for a moment with your title... "just as i expected"... haha i thought their was a problem coming up.
  19. i was gonna keep my air flow going out the back of my computer, BUT.... my desk and my computer... they like trap the hot air so the exaust from my computer ends up insolating the case. : EDIT: my case is a lot more simpler design than this: as you see the computer case is in an enclosed area, and in my case, theirs no place for the hot air to go because their is a wall behind the case, and a clearance of only 2 or 3 inches from back of the case to the wall. umm?
  20. trust me, i dont brag... once i somehow get money of my own racking in, then its like taking a bath in money :angel:
  21. ...funny you say that (to me)... because my powersupplys fan is on the bottom and barely any air comes out of it.' basically, the fan barely spins because the psu runs cool, i take it.
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