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  1. so where can we get these leds ect? ide like to do that and mod my case, make a nice looking LED frontpanel interface or something.


    my idea is to make like:


    4leds, system start-up = RED

    3leds, CPU detected = orange

    2leds, memory detected = yellow

    1led, vga detected = green

    0leds, system boot-up = blue


    somewhat, i dont have the idea fully processed in my head, but i thought itd be neet.

  2. Well, this just flew threw my head, i was wondering if its possible to be able to customize the boot logo, i dont mind that DFI logo, but ide want to try out some of my cool graphics, for a 100% custom PC.


    and ideas on how to do this?


    besides making your own remix of a bios? haha


    i hope this is possible, i know its got to be some how, with some professional bios coder help, to change the logo.


    any help?



  3. Hey, well just i decided to read that DFI manual of mine, while i cleaned my computer desk areas up from all my parts and such.


    While reading, i pondered upon the famous Diagnostic LED's... but after that, i read "and connector"... does this possible mean, and is it for the purpose of hooking up seperate mini LEDs to the front of the case, so you can see your diagnostic leds on the front of your case?


    i didnt notice that connector before, and i pondered about it what it does.


    so does anyone here know what the connector does?


    does it do as ive said?


    hey thatd be cool to put the diagnostic leds on the outside of the case so u can see updated startup of your case without opening it =]


    so is it for that purpose or whats it for?



  4. haha i love making titles, but this title is more than a green screen.. and no its not a typo, i said green.


    uhh lets see, i have a "somewhat" working system, but now im getting pissed off and i dont know if its this or that.


    ok lets get to my story (quick version):


    i have an eVGA 6800 GT, PCI-E... got one but accidentally shorted it out, the screen would be all "sparky" and blurry and have alot of "noise". well things changed after that, because i RMAed that one, as crossover so i could get my new card sooner, and soon enough i got my replacement. plugged it in, and it worked like a charm.


    now, 4 weeks or somewhat after having that card, i turn on my computer and the screen is all green and messed up. i can see quarter of the screen but its all green and screwed up, nothing to be able to work with.


    i tryed that monitor on my old old computer, green screen, like WHAT THE F**K!


    ok u get the picture.


    i kept attempting to get the monitor somewhat working, so i tried and tried, and finally it worked again. (KNOW THAT THE MONITOR WORKED ON FIRST BUILD AND WEEKS AFTER THAT) Well now today i plug my monitor into my old computer, powered it on with some crappy CRT, and got into windows... then i powered on my failure monitor, connected it to the computer, and amazingly it showed the same picture, no green or anything... it showed the windows desktop.



    so im trying to wonder, is my videocard bad? i dont know... as far as im concerned, it could be the monitor, or videocard... hopefully i can try my computer on one of my sisters monitors.


    as to my extent of trying the videocard, it DID work when i powered my computer on using the CRT... so this monitor is bad or something? im so lost which one it can be!


    idk i think by just typing this, i think my monitor is bad, we will see. = idk!


    :angel: :tooth: :cat: :nod: :dog: :rolleyes: :cool:

  5. well if you make a video, and send it to me, ill host it for you for free :).


    btw, kickass mod, i love you rig man, its so organized, neat, and clean!


    good job my friend!





    EDIT: ide also love to know how much your end total price was? ($USD please)

  6. since you can get into memtest, do this,


    1. boot up with one stick in the top most orange (or yellow) slot.

    2. run memtest, and look at the timings "2-2-2-5" or what ever it says. dont get me wrong, even if you have it configured, look for the sake of my words.

    3. remember what that timing was, if you have short term, write it on a piece of paper :)

    4. boot up with the other stick in the top most orange (or yellow) slot... the same one you used for the first stick (YOUR ONLY USING 1 STICK AT A TIME!)

    5. run memtest and look at your timings again, are they the same as what the first stick said?



    if they arent, you need to get your ram RMA'ed.



  7. Hymn - how did you remove the foam pad? Did you glue it back afterwards?

    Also I assume THAT would void the warranty? Thanks!



    i removed it completely, i didnt even bother to keep it.


    when i was cleaning the bottom of the chipset, the little foam thing just came right off, so i didnt bother to attempt to put it back on.


    i dont know about warranty and stuff, because i HAD to eather lap it or replace it.


    the heatsink bottom was so coarse i basically NEEDED to do that. on my first attempt to put AS5 back on the chipset when i first cleaned, the temperatures were around 50+ and i basically said to myself i have to lap it.

  8. The "motherboard header" is the fan connector on the mobo for the CPU fan. If the power for the fan is connected to the 4pin molex you will need to connect the speed sensor(yellow lead) to the fan header on the motherboard so the BIOS will detect a fan operating.


    wont that give the fan too much power?


    its getting power then from the 4 pin and the board.


    what im doing is using the 3 pin connector and hooking that up to my vantec high cfm fan controller.. i am not using the 4 pin power connector.


    is there any place on newegg, and only newegg that sells those so i can hook them up to my fan controller, control them, and monitor speeds?


    i am getting the: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813999504


    does that come with one of what im going to need? i dont think so?


    help me out please :)



  9. Vantec Stealth = low wattage fan, so wont be a problem in your mobo header


    Vantec Tornado = will blow the motherboard header within minutes of full speed usually (ie not a good idear)


    i probably sound stupid, but whats the "motherboard header"


    i was planning on getting a vantec tornado 92mm, using it for CPU cooling fan but hooking it up to my Vantec fan controller... is this a problem now!??! :sad:

  10. as for gaming rigs ect, i follow my own personal set of "rules" as for buying a monitor.


    1. Contrast Ratio of 300:1 or better

    2. Responce time of 12ms or lower

    3. Supports 1280x1024 or better resolution.

    4. Supports DVI


    as ide say both monitors are pretty good, i wouldnt mind buying one... but if i had the choice ide go with best applying to my personal "rules".


    Hope i helped,


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