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  1. ok sorry it took me so long to respond, but i finally got the time right when i got home from school.


    i tested my PSU as jumpstarted with a digital LCD multimeter.


    i tested the following wires from the 24 pin connector, as tested, my results:


    12V = 12.16V

    5V = 5.11V

    3.3V = 3.36V

    -12V = -12.01V


    On the 4 pin (P4) connector, i tested for assurance, i also got:


    P4 (12V, 4 pin connector) = 12.16V


    i think my CPU is dead? not sure about the memory.... i have an old emachines T1842, which is the only computer in the house i could possibly try things on, i am wondering if my T1842 will support PC3200... currently it has only PC2100 in it.


    will it work? i DO NOT WANT TO TAKE ANY CHANCE of breaking that computer.


    is it safe to try my ram on that computer?


    those are my voltages... now is it my CPU? ive tried booting with and without ram, one stick or both, still no go... so this is possibly a CPU issue ide guess?


    would it be SAFE to boot up without a CPU and see if the computer will turnon or not, to decypher if the problem is the CPU, or is that a risk of breaking the board?


    please help me out guys,



  2. Recently my board got burnt out by my accidental rewireing of my PSU during the process of sleeving. I RMAed the board to newegg and i recieved a new one today. I am not sure if when my board got shorted out originally, it shorted out the videocard, memory, or processor.


    Tonight, i plugged in the VERY minimal connections to my motherboard to be cautious.


    First i tried powering up with Memory (two times, once yellow, once orange), CPU with heatsink and fan, and videocard. and hooked up only my mouse, keyboard, and monitor.


    I powered on the motherboard... all my fans turned on, but the 4 diagnostic leds stayed lit. Nothing happend at all. Nothing on the screen, nothing anywhere. THE 4 RED DIAGNOSTIC LEDS STAYED LIT, AND NOTHING HAPPENED.


    Ive tried removing components one by one, without videocard, without memory, without this and that, ive tried 1 stick of memory (both sticks seperately).... everything i could have imagined that could help.


    I am so lost, i want to get my computer to work so badly. Someone please help me out!


    Is my cpu gone? Memory gone? both of those gone? I dont know about my videocard.... someone help me please!



  3. 1. I'm just angry about gasoline and why everyone has to drive a giant Fun Tank 2005 everywhere. $3.13/gal is what i saw when I just hopped over to FedEx in momma's 13 year old Geo Prism that gets about 40 miles to the gallon on the highway heh.



    2. Keep in mind that hydroelectric damns do have some fish killing, but you have to realize that those damns not only provide power, but the ability to irrigate arid lands (here in the west this is especially true) and allow farmers to be able to grow efficiently (ask momma how hard it is to run a farm these days).



    3. want better cars that use less gas? prepare to pay more for technology for a while to allow this, or for stinky french-fry smelling cars heh


    4. problem in my opinion is americans (and probably others) don't really want to give to get...we just hope that everyone else gives up their gashog FunTank 9000 Super Truck for a hybrid Toyota so we don't have to =/


    1. not everyone can have a hybrid angry. --- those things are small and not AS powerful as you "fun tank". the hybrid cars are powered 1/2 gasoline, and 1/2 electric. gasoline provides more power for the car, but it does pollute :tooth: . on the other hand, i myslef have nothing to brag about hybrid cars. you are still buying gas. if your one who has a 10 gallon tank, the hybrid user is paying 1/2 as much as you are. for instance theyd be paying for 5 gallons (due to the other half being electric).


    BUT, hybrids all come into play. ok, so your paying 1/2 the price of gas your standard honda accord user is paying for (just for thought). their is truely no GOOD deal in the world now. gas powered, hybrid or not. with hybrids the goverment is now saying YOU, the Hybrid user and owner, will HAVE to pay taxes on your car. this is not random new stuff. your still going to end up paying more for your car than just gas, insurance, and inspection.


    2. until they start powering cars by horse manuer, ide still stick with a gas engine. :P


    3. angry, the technoligy is already out. car companies and gas companies are making much much more than what they used to, and they love it. they are enjoying every minute of it.


    my father has a friend who once made his own carburator for a car. more gas efficent, you could go triple the amount of mileage than a standard. the companies werent stupid (and this was in the 80's or 90's, somewhere around then)... he sold it to a car company, they bought it, the pattented it so no one else could make it or sell it or what not, and threw the design away.


    THAT is how money greedy those companies are. they KNOW they CAN make this technoligy, but they DONT want to. Gas companies and car companies currently have the whole world in their hands. So does the government. And they wont stop.


    Technoligy of that sort is already out, and gone. They have it, dont need extra money for it, but refuse to make it, because THEY are the ones who are racking in the cash.


    4. not everyone is a richie rich, not everyone is homeless. people still need trucks and things for daily use, work, or to lug things from here to there.


    i can agree it is not necessairy to have a truck that is getting the mileage a hummer gets (in other words, not alot)... but standard trucks, tonka toys or what not, many people i know have trucks, some need them for work (contractor), some of them as ive said need them to bring stuff from homedepot and back.

  4. I don't think running multiple rigs is wierd at all.

    Building rigs and modding them is a blast and keeps me out of the red light district at night :)


    haha, multiple computers isnt weird, rofl.


    over the years my dad has been a "factory made" kind of guy, and im the one in the family who likes to take things further by building my own. most new computers in todays world come with a harddrive full of crap that is not something to rave about, especially for beginners who dont know how to format.


    in my house we have quite a few computers. ill list all i can


    1. pentium 4, 2.6 GHz or something like that (my sisters computer)

    2. amd sempron, 1.8 ghz? (another sisters computer)

    3. intel celeron, pentium 4 socket, 1.8 GHz (family computer)

    4. amd athlon 64, venice, 1.8 GHz (my underconstruction computer)

    5. intel pentium 2, like 800 MHz or something (test rig)

    6. dell something, 1 GHz? laptop (moms computer)

    7. amd sempron, 1.8ghz? (my dads computer)


    oh, and one thing... dont ask me about the electrical bill cuz i dont pay for it. :sweat::P



  5. I have two Ultra-D based systems (one in sig) that are running True Power II 550W's. They have performed flawlessly and well within spec! Neither machine is SLI though so I cannot speak to performance in SLI.


    My only complaint has been cosmetic...the damn cables were a mess and a real pain to sleeve :rolleyes:


    All in all I would not hesitate for a second to recommed one to anyone. I could not be happier!


    yes, i have a TruepowerII - 550W. recently i sleeved the wires, and they were so damn hard to sleeve. ide say the next PSU ide buy is going to be presleeved, mostlikely an OCZ Modstream 520W, for neatness and for professionally sleeved wires.


    also that new rig might have a sidepanel window (my first), and ill jazz it up a bit. thats in 2 years from now.


    (i build or reassemble or what not a new computer every 2 years).


    hopefully by then ill be able to get a job =p



  6. 1 - speakers, i dont know, i am sure they will though. if not, is it possible for you to buy an audigy or a sound blaster live?


    2- i am 90% its the nForce 4. (they are labled on your mother board as Sata 1, Sata 2, Sata 3 and so on)


    3 - i am not sure how good the PNY overclocks, but the MSI GTX overclocks good.

    as said by an overclocking fanatic.


    4 - that ram to my know how, isnt stuff to be using for your BF2 gaming, and as i read your last question about the FX i believe your planning on overclocking ur CPU too.


    if i were to be buying a rig like yours for that purpose, i would get some high end, PC4000 (instead of your PC3200), and with higher timings so it will be easier to overclock, and better for the ram.


    my preference: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820227219


    5 - im not sure if the FX is unlocked, i have myself yet to see once i can spend another 800$.




    Hope i helped,



    EDIT: i would also change those 2 western digitals with 2 Hitachi Deskstars, and set them up in a raid 0.


    The Hitachi harddrive im talking about is located here: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16822145082

  7. news is, i just RMAed my board to newegg (whom i bought it from) bad news is that i probably will have to wait for ever to get it RMAed.


    when i had to RMA my memory, it took me about 3 weeks.


    looks like im going to be working on my comp during school time.


    damn i was looking forward to a clean room =[


    hopefully i can get it sooner, i dont know, wish me RMA luck, and also i hope that my processor, memory, and videocard are all good.


    Thanks for your words guys,


  8. i have to agree somewhat, i am being impatient, its only because school is starting in 13 days, i have less than 2 weeks, and i want to get my computer out of the way before school starts =.


    btw, in the past hour, ive tried more testings. ive tried my fan controller, all of my fans and my new DVD burner drive. All worked well, so im glad those arent screwed up :)


    as ive said before, i have no real way to test my processor, so i guess ill just have to wait and try it on a new board. same with my videocard.


    i am having a very high doubt that my videocard is fried because i labeled the wires and sleeved them all as they were before i took it apart.


    that being said i dont think their was a shortage there.


    wish me the best with this, hopefully i can RMA my board. if i cant, ill have to shell out another 150 dollars for a new board. IF i cant get my board RMA'ed, then i guess ill get an Ultra-D while its on sale.



  9. i got some news.


    i tried my Antec TP2 550W psu (that sleeved), on another old computer, and it works. ive plugged in my fan controllers and more, and they work too.


    news is, its slim my harddrive is fried, because i connected it with a non removable sata connector on the PSU :)


    more news is i need to RMA my board to DFI (if anyone can help me out on where to call or what to do to RMA a dfi product, ide appreciate, because DFI's site is no longer a website?)


    smoke came out of my board this morning after i attempted a CMOS clear overnight.


    im trying my components one by one right now, so far everything ive tried is good, including my power supply.


    i have yet to find out about my RAM and CPU. i am considering testing my ram on this computer, hopefully it will work. (not sure though if this comp supports PC3200, it does run PC2100 though).


    im going to smart guardian and see if my PSU is giving the correct voltage readings as my old computer, smart guardian is off by some Volts, but i can compromise them.


    my frown is turning upside down,

    Tom :)

  10. Hymn...as Parsifal said....you need to swap out your PSU....nobody here knows what you did when you sleeved your cables...Beg ,borrow or buy a PSU so you can test your components and go from there......

    Tech 101....isolate the problem


    Best of Luck


    as i said in my previous post, do you think if i took it to a computer shop, they could try one for me, without having to spend the extra cash?


    thanks for the luck, i hope i can get my computer running before school. :-






    i was just thinkin, maybe u think the geek squad @ best buy could help me out?

  11. Ok, Double check everything. Check to see if something is shorting motherboard to case. Remove your motherboard from case and place it on a flat non-conductive surface. Connect only what is required to post.


    ive double checked that, and i have tried on a non conductive surface (like the packing foam sheet the board came with). sadly enough i found all my connectors, if the 4 pins go red | black | black | yellow, i had them all backwards :( , like yellow | black | black | red.


    how can i check if my board is fried? if i took it to a local computer shop (anyone know one @ my location?) do you think i could go in and ask them to test my computer or something. i dont know :



  12. ive lost my patience with my computer.


    i sleeved my wires tonight, such as the P4 (12v i think?), one of my 2 PCI-express power cords, all 4 pin's and floppy connectors.


    i turn my computer on with all my stuff plugged in (fan controller, gfx card, wireless, sound card), and ive plugged in everything to give my computer a go.


    i press the power button, and my dad observes the fan for the graphics card spins less than one time around, so i tried again, STILL NO GO!


    ive unplugged everything, and narrowed it down to even the 24 pin, and the P4 connector itself. STILL NO GO! ive even tried with and without the floppy and 4 pin connector on the board, STILL NO GO!


    ive almost lost all my patience with my rig. what once used to be a thing i loved, now im almost hating every minute and penny ive put into it.








    Fellow DFI'ers, i ask for your time and knowledge to please help me get through this.


    Ive checked almost all of my connectors for things not connecting or what not, and it doesnt boot! Only "Possible" thing i can think of, is that the 4 pin connectors arent hooked up right. but ive labled all of my wires and everything so everything would be put back nearly like how it was stock.


    since a 4 pin has yellow | black | black | red, could one black mess up the whole thing? is that even possible?! i know that blacks are ground, so i dont see how that could go.




    The dreaded,


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