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  1. UncleDavid218, I am very impressed on your modding and overall job done well on that computer. After having built my "extreme" (which isnt so extreme anymore), im beginning to get sucked into that warp hole of wanting to make a new computer again. How ever downfall on my side is i dont have any money to spare, or a job... I plan on working on an xmas tree farm to make some cold cash & tips... possibly get a jumpstart on a new rig. Although my dad may not be pleased with my idea, im going to have to do it! Computers are just too much fun to mod! Hey, have you ever heard about soundx98's screen mod? You should definately do that if your looking for that extra BAM! Im thinking ill go all-out on my new computer (when i can afford it). Gonna have to go for an 8800 GTX (when i can afford it... mostlikely when the moon goes over the mountain.) -Tom
  2. Although I havent been here in quite a while, you guys were the ones that helped me with all my problems with my rig when i needed help. So im here on my birthday to say thanks again so much! Im probably going to get a new processor soon, hopefully later tonight cuz its my BIRTHDAY!!!! soundx98, AceGoober, Happy_Games... everyone else... thanks! -Tom
  3. i dont even have that option on mine in device manager, i just really want to get this webcam working, but it works on other computers, and not my dfi WHY DOES IT HATE ME!?!?
  4. ive tried THAT Too... sorry to bump this old thread of mine, been quite busy. Tom
  5. tried that too, tried almost everything possible, i dont know.
  6. yes it detects it "Logitech Quickcam Express detected" every single USB port i try. (btw first post updated)
  7. Long time, havent talked here in a while... happy to mention as far as everrything else, my SLI-DR rig has been running fast, and smooth. My logitech quickcam express works on my other computer, but when i plug it into my SLI-DR rig, i installed my software / drivers ect the same exact as the other computer, and my quickcam wont display picture. please help me, idk whats the problem here. ~ Tom EDIT: by the way, ive tried many other USB ports on my computer and still no go. my ipod nano connects successfully to the USB, so why doesnt my webcam work? - ive called logitech too and they are baffled... so its got to be somewhere in manfacture side.
  8. no way is it the sli bridge... haha i am running a single videocard, i dont think it has to do with videocards. someone please help me out. gotta find a solution for this.
  9. yes, i have installed the chipset drivers. what might this be?
  10. Hey guys, i really want to know what this "Other PCI Bridge Device" is, appearing in my device manager.. i havent seen this before eather. i have disabled all the Marvel and Nvidia Lan... i am not sure what the heck this is. can someone please tell me, or help me out where i can get the drivers for this? what is it? -Tom
  11. confusing... when i try with my Wireless card in the bottom slot, the computer will still boot up.
  12. anyone got any other possible solutions for me? i am dying to get my computer up and running, and this is the last problem i have with hardware because everything else works. someone help me fix this problem. With soundcard inserted: Computer freezes at beginning of bootup (when it normally would show the DFI logo) Without soundcard inserted: Computer boots up fast and normal. No problems
  13. i have a Saitek Eclipse USB keyboard, and a Logitec MX518 USB mouse (w/ PS/2 adapter). should i go into bios when im using my OLD PS/2 mouse and keyboard, and set in the bios to enable the use of a USB Keyboard? is it needed for me to enable it in the bios in order for me to use it? i will be using my MX518 mouse with the PS/2 adapter, so i dont think i will have any opposable problems?
  14. Hey! I am not sure if you DFI'ers remember me, but during the summer i was quite active. Haha i kind of stopped talking here because i had to go back to school... its a friday night... if youve read my other topics, i had burnt out something in my case... my board got fried, and the whole 9.5 yards. :cat: well, i rmaed my board and got a replacement, and my dad finally got newegg to accept my CPU to be RMAed, so i turn out with the better deal in the end. last night i finally recieved my new CPU, tonight i decided to give it a go. i started off slow adding things one by one. happily did my computer turn on! Well all went well... i DID have problems with my USB Saitek Eclipse keyboard, and possibly my MX518 mouse (w/ adapter)... but lets say those arent the biggies. My problem is: Some reason, my computer will NOT boot with my Sound Card inserted in PCI Slot #2 (closest to bottom). IF However i do insert my Sound Card in PCI Slot #1, my computer will boot, but then restart randomly in windows. I am here to ask you fellow DFI members to help me cure this itch. It would be much appreciated by me. I have 2 PCI slots in my board... and BOTH will be used. I have my Linksys Wireless, and my Soundblaster Live! 5.1 sound card... Also this is my first time experiencing use with my Onboard sound too, i thought ide get use of it. Soo... i know others have been able to successfully use the Onboard, and another seperate sound card, so what can i do to solve this? I am not quite sure what is happening. Thanks a bunch, fast replys are greatly appreciated, Tom (Hymn)
  15. i tried my Antec TPII-550W in an older computer though and it turned on. i am not sure if that could even possibly say the PSU is damaged, cuz it turns on another computer. I am so lost! i just want to get my computer assembled, and over with!
  16. is anyone able to help me pin down the problem? ive been working on my computer since the middle of July, and im still working on it, and into october!
  17. i have the SAME EXACT PROBLEM.. except mine is more in depth of a problem... and i am afrade to RMA something that isnt bad. SLI-DR, Venice 3000+ (not sure if its dead), OCZ Gold Series Dual Channel 1 GB, eVGA gForce 6800GT. i am still wondering what my problem is. i am so lost! =[ also my board was recently RMAed... so how could my new board turn bad too?!
  18. very true^ they are nearly "silent" when using a Nexus fan controller, and the speed is set to lowest. i love how they move so much air, with not a hand and a half full of noise.
  19. BUMP! tried booting without CPU, same symptoms occur....
  20. what if i dont have another computer to try the CPU in? (i dont have another one to test). what if i dont have another mobo to test it in? (the mobo is literally brand new, it was replaced)
  21. i cant really try that now... can i try and boot my comp without ram and CPU? i NEED to know this so i can see if i can powerup my board and get it past 4 leds or so.
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