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  1. with my knowledge, and as you or someone else has said... this computer eather has ram problems or motherboard problems. ide say the original impatience you had on this computer, starting it off with PC2000 was not a good idea. i would have personally started it off with a fresh PC3200 (reccomended/normal) chip of memory. im not too too sure, but just a worst case scenario... if you have a new born baby, and the very first time it drinks a liquid, you feed it gasoline... that baby isnt going to end up being too too healthy.. it could probably die from that 1st time... if you get what im saying.


    good luck,


  2. i infact, do not need the audio module on this motherboard. i have myself the Creative Soundblaster Live! 5.1... but im not sure what your meaning on that one eather.... sorry :-[


    as you know what ive been doing, is showing you pictures of my Shopping cart, so for this new post i thought ide update you guys on what im getting, and with more questions... i do appreciate your help, and fast replys... not to be pickey, but keep the replys coming :)



    once again, as i jsut said, please respond back asap to answers you might have.


    thanks a bunch so far,


  3. ok, thanks for your once again quick responces.... i looked once again on newegg, and i have decided to break the egg open, and go with memory over 100 bucks.... on newegg i found the OCZ Value Series 1GB (2 x 512MB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Unbuffered DDR 400 (PC 3200) Dual Channel Kit System Memory. the page on newegg i searched on, was here. i am STILL trying to keep the prices low, but i am willing to spend my money on a good lasting computer.... something i can assemble the minute i get it, and it will work. the memory i just listed (OCZ) people commented they were getting the motherboard i have decided to get too... so i am hoping that is a bonus, that this cheap OCZ ram will work for me, at its low price.


    im not too sure what sn33ky means by saying "cooler master centurion will give problems whit the onboard sound modulle.


    the fan from the case will block the sound modulle to fit in the case. but you can fix this whit file in the fan. thats what i did".


    if someone can please tell me what he means, or something... im thinking he means i have to file the fan in the new computer for the motherboard to fit? im not too sure, but please help me out on that one too...


    in addition, i will add that western digital SATA $105 to my newegg cart, because i have a stronger feeling for SATA now, and i am also once again confident in western digital.


    thanks again, ive got to hit the road now, once again, the quick help would be, and is appreciated.


  4. wow, thanks for the quick responces... here is some of the changes i have made to my newegg shopping cart. just keep in mind i wanna finish this list, SOON. like i hope i can buy tonight. so once again please helpe me out like you did just in the previous posts.


    1. i have removed the Zalman, and replaced it with the THERMALRIGHT XP-90 Heatsink. Im guessing, the fan i am going to use on that heatsink, is going to be the Panasonic Panaflo FBA09A12M1A 92mm Hydro Wave Case Cooling Fan? im not sure what fan is going on that heatsink, im guessing its that one.

    i dont know if i should really be going for that XP-90, because its aluminum + copper and the original heatsink i choose (Zalman) was all copper and had great reviews. on the other hand, the XP-90 had good reviews also, but this involves buying 2 seperate things, instead of getting two in one (fan + heatsink).


    2. you might think im stupid, but i decided to stick with the AMD 64 Venice 3000+. if i ever want to in my future, upgrade to a better processor, then i will indeed get a better one. but for now i will stick with the venice. no questions asked about that.


    im not sure what squarrelhanded meant about HSF, i took an educated guess that HSF = heat sink fan?

    update me on if my choices are good, and once its all settled, ill post my shopping cart again and ask you if its ALL setup.


    3. if im going to get a harddrive (which i am), and you reccomend sata, well i dont want to go over 100 dollars on the drive. what i look for in the harddrive, is space, speed, and noise. i am on newegg right now, browsing and finalizing my list, and this is what i ran into: Western Digital Caviar SE WD1600JS 160GB 7200 RPM 8MB Cache Serial ATA II Hard Drive. that drive is about $20 more than my original PATA drive, there are no reviews, but ive used Western Digital all my life, so ide have confidence in them on this SATA harddrive i have found. comparing it, the PATA drive i had picked out "Western Digital Caviar SE WD1600JB 160GB 7200 RPM IDE Ultra ATA100 Hard Drive", this SATA one is the same (almost everything and more) just for 20 dollars added on. So some computer tech, please lead me into a yes or no to go for this WD sata, i dont think i want to go with something else besides that. i know only one person said go with SATA on this topic i created, but i took there words into consideration too.


    4. i cant find any better ram, cheap, i dont want to go spending 200, 150, 125 on memory. its crazy for me.. if im gonna have to spend THAT much to get good ram, then ide say pass off the SATA2 drive for another time in life. if you want to help find me new, good, cheap, ram (1 GB, or 512 x2) then visit newegg.com because thats where im going to buy EVERYTHING (all my parts) from.


    once again, thanks, please help me out,



    PS. i am going to also keep my MSI NX6800. no questions asked about that eather.

  5. ok, some reason this screwed up and i lost my whole thing i typed a few minutes ago, so in simple form, please just check my list, and i need final answers, on will all of these parts im purchasing from newegg, work with the DFI motherboard i have selected, and what will not be compatible with this mobo. i ask please do not link me to other forums, if you can just quote on what you want me to read. i have searched all over here and found nothing, so please help me directly and i will brag about the satisfaction ive recieved from DFI. also in the image of my cart, you can see some things i question about, and what is compatible and not, and i try to keep the price low but still ending up making a great game computer.


    PS. i wish to madly overclock my CPU, so i choose that Zalman heatsink. also my case comes with 2 fans on it (front + back). please help me as soon as possible so i can purchase soon.


    thank you in advanced,


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