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  1. whats the maxium speed of ram the SLI-DR can handle? is it PC3200, PC4000? what is it? some people ive seen them using PC4000, but box specs say 3200...umm correct me please. what IS the maxium for the SLI-DR? ide love to know as i myself have a sli-dr, and to know this for future upgrades. thanks, Tom
  2. all i can say is when i distroyed my old AMD Duron 1.4 GHz chip, it took a LOT of pressure with a vice to break the center core of it. that not being said to make you more careless. haha when i broke my VIA K8 chipset on my old Pine XFX motherboard, i took a standard tip screwdrivers (flat head) to it, and tried to chizzle it off, haha the thing took a few minutes to rip off. =] back years ago when Duron was popular, the motherboard i had was literally made of concrete. too bad in todays world they arent that strong anymore, one little flick and a capacator is knocked off.
  3. Hymn

    The DFI Book Club

    haha i hate reading story books, i just dont have the patience for it. especially in school, thats the part that hits me hardest, is reading. the only things i read contain resourceful knowledge and other know-how. such as online tutorials, product manuals, and the DFI Street forum. Tom
  4. haha, amd is gonna own for sure.
  5. if your talking about 6.66, ill hope theirs a 6.69 and hope the best :nod:
  6. lol... Bobthebozo, what case do you have?
  7. simple enough to say, i love my DFI and it loves me =D Read my custom tag under my user name... and its ever lasting: "DFI Lover 4 (for) Life" oh so true ^ Thanks for making these incredible boards DFI, they truely rock!
  8. Hymn

    The please explain your HANDLE thread.

    lol you have hentai in your sig. idk. loL
  9. Starting off, i read this: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6907 but i just cant completely follow those directions, as many things in 6.66 have changed. new folders, such as pataraid, sataraid and more! they just confuse the heck out of me, and i tried following those directions but with all those changes it scemes like it will just be a waste of a CD. can someone here please help me out, or link me or somewhere, to a clean, and clear, version of installing the nForce 4 drivers (6.66) with ease. im just so lost, and im re-assembling my computer, so i want it to have everything all updated and such.... anyone to help? i am 90% sure atleast 1 person on this forum has done so. Tom :confused:
  10. ok so i was right. wow who would want to get fired from putting some . scene in video game unless its AO (Adults Only).
  11. Hymn

    The please explain your HANDLE thread.

    hymn... for hippos yell monday nights LOL jk, way back when i was a member of an old forum, like 5 years ago, i didnt know what to choose as a username. then i thought the user name Hymn was cool. i think i was thinking about church that night, anywho, thats my username, i dont really relate "hymn" to church alot, idk... Hymn (noun): A song of praise or thanksgiving to God or a deity. A song of praise or joy; a paean. lol, Tom
  12. Hymn

    DFI-Street: accept no substitute

    I would like to second that. I come here every single day and check up on whats new, how things are goin, and just read some topics of what people are posting about. Problem & Solution. Tom
  13. oh. well it will still pretty cool =p LOL JK! i do not like anime or hentai or any cartoon character .. =P
  14. maybe USB Park mode is some randomly thrown in option in the bios that does nothing. haha, quite like the Coffee mod for GTA: San Andreas... if you didnt hear about it, one of the creators added a . scene, and some clan unlocked it, and it was spread all over gaming websites ect, haha much like that =p
  15. my friends dad wanted me to make a computer for him, he said if i bought all the parts n . like so, i give him the total, and he would slap on an extra 200$ more. for instance if i spend a total of 600 dollars on his computer, he would give me 800$. such a nice man i declined on the offer because my friends family does alot for my family so i just told him if he gets the parts, ill put it together for him for no cost.
  16. Hymn

    Design Firm Website

    hey orion, you might want to fix a spelling error on the Contacts part of your site... the first word is spelt wrong, its not Messege, its Message im lovin it!
  17. haha ok, thanks guys... once i get a CM Stacker sometime in like 2 years on my next new build, ill go with some extreme danger den water cooling, and save all your tips in mind.
  18. umm, i have a parts list which is air cooling, but i think ill just screw all the money on air cooling stuff and go water. does ANYONE know if one of the standard danger den systems fit in a coolermaster centurion 5? please help me out, Tom
  19. Hymn

    Front Panel Audio

    yes i do, for some proof, check this thread i made some time ago: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=19721 Enjoy your front panel connectors
  20. im my oppinion, i dont care how rich the company is... DFI might have a tight budget, but i damn love their boards!
  21. wow, so u want me to buy more things from DFI? haha. i love my DFI, heck, sometime soon i think ill be purchasing another =D
  22. Hymn

    Front Panel Audio

    i have, do this simple thing... and make use of your karajan. install your karajan and also install your audigy. hook up the front panel connectors to the karajan as i have done, so when you want to listen to things just plug your headset in one of the front connectors. i know it might be a pest, but what i do is, when ever i want to use my front panel connectors, i go to Control Panel, go to Sound and Audio Devices, go to the Audio tab, and select the Sound Playback device i want to use, those 2 options being the Karajan or my Soundblaster. hope i helped you, Tom
  23. BUMP sorry, but i need an answer sometime SOON.