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  1. not really, i have all them hooked up to a fan controller. with everything at low, i still get good temps.
  2. i were to say if you wanted a HIGH HIGH cfm fan, almost as high as you can get, newegg sells 120mm panasonic panaflos for something like 17.99 a piece. rated at 114CFM, and like 60 or something dBa. Tom
  3. i have the ultimate ram/cpu/chipset cooling in my case =] i got 4 of the best high powered fans. 2 panasonic panaflo's... 120mm (114 CFM) 1 80mm vantec tornado 1 92mm vantec tornado. i replaced my stock 80mm with the 80mm tornado, and put it as exaust (front) i put the 92mm on my XP-90 for ultimate cooling, and placed the heatsink so it bays over one stick of ram, with the tornados power thats ultimately cool. replaced stock 120mm with panaflo in the back as intake, and made my own mod to mount a 120mm fan (panaflo) right aligned with the other 120mm in 3 drive bays so the fresh air comes in, and goes out, and with the power of the panaflo (intake) it pushes the hot air away from the ram tada! ive got yet to try it with my new sleeved PSU tonight Coolermaster Centurion 5! Tom
  4. well.. after looking myself i found out what they do. =] thx for telling me record player, now i can get use of mine! WOOT!
  5. wow, ide be pretty damn pissed if i dont have the internet for 2 weeks! its like once every week i order some computer part, or something, online.
  6. i cant wait for the blue DFI will it have a white or what color background? btw, this new skin is awsome.
  7. i just looked at my DFI, ive known these connectors were there, but what do they do? rofl i sound like a noob, but it looks like i could connect my Nintendo 64 to my computer? what are these in/out S/PDIF connectors for? what can utilize with them? ide love to know Tom
  8. mind if i ask... how do you measure the rails? ide love to see how my Antec TP-II 550W's rails are. does anyone have a tutorial on that? i do have a voltage meter.
  9. sucking hot air out of the case. its better to have the hot air suckedo out, than the cool air in getting heated up having a hard time escaping.
  10. just to be safe than sorry, ide up that 480W Tagan to something better, maybe a 500W or 520, or 550W. its never too bad to have more than the required.
  11. rofl, i can bearly live without internet for a week. let alone 3 days.
  12. well my room is in the basement, so its quite cool down there.
  13. Hehe, well i got my new parts, box one, this prevous thursday, and in box 1, was my zalman vf700-cu. well i am happy. yesterday night, i decided to make this the best computer job ive done, so i got some 91% isopropyl alcohol and a pack of 300 q-tips. and i took the old heatsink off of my 6800GT, and cleaned it well. i got some Artic Silver Ceramique, which works very well. I put the perfect amount of ASC on my card, followed the directions, all ram sinks lined up 100%. my stock temperature: ~70*C my zalman vf700-cu temperature: ~45*C MUCH BIG DIFFERNCE! money = time time = work work = effort all of those come together and your VGA Card is cooler than you thought it would ever be. my load temperature is only about 52*C. i dont have any plans to overclock the videocard, but it runs perfectly. all of you who have a card running hot hot, get yourself the VF-700CU, install it with all youve got in yourself, and you will end up being the happiest person alive. Tom EDIT: while typing this, my temperatures read:
  14. venus, i wouldnt mind buying you a ticket to come out here and make my rig nice and clean as you have done yours.
  15. damn, im like living the life of "growing up Angry style" haha im like the top #1 geek in school, and sometimes i hang out with the jocks or "popular" people, but then again i have my own group of friends, they all arent geeks like me, but their people who i always have to talk to. then again when you go to school every morning and the popular kids are calling you Bill Gates... then its something to ponder about. btw, that is true about bill gates. when i walked into school one mornining last year, all the popular kids called my bill gates for the rest of the year. -- im happy single right now, im still not over 18 though, i have my whole future setup, and its not going to be interfeared with some bloodsucker chick. they only keep you for their own "sake", but then when they find someone better, they make a lie up about you and say goodbye. :tooth:
  16. Hey guys, i finally got some of my parts in yesterday, more are coming in tonight when my dad gets home from work (i hope they come :cat: ) I got myself the Vantec HDD Cooler, and i have myself your average sata harddrive. I have the coolermaster centurion and i just installed my 80mm vantec tornado in the front. i am really puzzled how i am goin to install the harddrive with the cooler because it says in the directions: i can only get past step one, but then when i go to install the harddrive in the case, the screws hit this metal part of the case that holds the harddrive (by itself) in. Umm, how do i install this? im sorry if i wasnt that clear, but its quite hard to describe. I know FX WANNA BE has done this, i just havent seen him active on the DFI. Ill PM him later and hopefully get an answer. Other than that, ide love to know how other people can help me out with this. Tom
  17. ide love to know what bearing they are. ide be assuming its Hydro wave beacuse the panaflo 120mm, 114 CFM fans i have are that, and because in the specs of that delta it tells how much H2O pressure their is.
  18. i just took a file to that corner and filed off the part that was touching. now it fits perfect =]
  19. lol, but skype is free, so why do you need a Voice Over IP Pack when you already can do that. rofl, OHHH its for voice over IP to phone someone. gee thats stupid, if ur gonna make a prank call, send an AIM message to the screenname "my ip relay" works every time =]
  20. haha for sure you have a brain, its probably leaking out of your ear. sheesh, have you checked your avatar lately? :dog: Tom
  21. just to say, but IMO (in my oppinion) i would get a 6800GT over a plain 6800. the 6800 only has 12 pixel pipelines, as the 6800GT has 16. also the GT has higher memory clocks and more... BFG isnt a bad company, if your on a tight budget get the http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814143025 i have the 6800GT in the eVGA model, their both good cards. you choose, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814143025 or http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814130215 ide reccomend both. Tom
  22. hitachi is good, i would reccomend you to get one. i have the 160 GB version. i was reccomended to get two 80gb and Raid 0 them or something, but i didnt feel like all the extra work. ide have to reccomend you to hitachi because mine makes noise that isnt even heard by the human ear. (thats how quiet it is). Tom
  23. very nice tutorial, i love computer how-to's with pictures. A+!
  24. i would assume that it would void your warranty because the card is warrantied under their own heatsink.
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