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  1. by the time i finish with tonight ill turn into a turkey that turducken is huge, how the heck do you fit all those animals in one 19lb bird?! haha once again happy thanksgiving... ON THE DAY! i should talk pilgrim style
  2. ive been using IE7 since it was in its first beta form... i like it mozilla is to godzilla like for myself to even consider using it... change the loading image (or rid it)... and fix its interface up a bit... and ill be all over it.
  3. Hymn

    America's Army

    training is annoying.. i had the game for like 3 days then removed it... it annoyed me how every single time i would have to hear the same old lectures over and over again if i didnt complete or pass a training mission.
  4. haha its not even thx giving yet! 9 hours till the day. i am sadly doing nothing on my thanksgiving... no relitaves or anyone to spend it with so my family, grandma, and a neighbor is only going to be here... other than that ill be on the computer all day. EDIT: Oh yeah, HAPPY ^PRE^ THANKSGIVING!
  5. this is my only DFI PC at the moment, how my future builds will be of DFI boards. Currently using the SLI-DR.
  6. Of course t_ski! So many hazardous things have happend to me in my life already that I do know from experience... It also comes from my father as he owns an enormous machine shop and teaches me how to use the tools & machines properly... so when I need to use them, I use them right. -Tom
  7. Haha, great! Just one tip for the future, try wearing shoes when using machines... Whats up with the gear? You wear that hat 24/7? Just foolin... -Tom
  8. yes i read your post, your raving about how well it doesnt work... cut your PC the slack.. not yourself.
  9. Wise words here from Hymn... there is simply too many negative things to say about vista i cant possibly list them all... How ever, i will infact show you something i did to test out whats the deal here with Vista... this is part of an email/review (what became a document sent to microsofts marketing research team)... that i wrote. And there, those of you who are questioning microsofts new operating system Vista... or get seduced by its looks... or WHAT EVER your desire to buy that operating system is... i would say your crazy. Micrsoft is claiming Direct X 10 is going to be Vista only, but im sure it will be offered on XP sooner or later slip streamed, hacked into... what ever... to get DX10 on XP. -Tom
  10. btw i thought this was a better picture of me: its the iHymn (iTom).... what ever you want to call it made it in photoshop, took me 10 minutes with preparation :-P sometimes when you dont want to do schoolwork, you will do anything in the world to pass the time.
  11. after viewing your previous posts... i really think your aiming for this: what do you think? btw: woot, dual-hymns! whats next... quad-hymns?!?! -Tom
  12. those TV tuners look bigger than a standard PCI express 1x slot... catkicker many motherboard mcft's also use the pci-express 1x slots for soundcards.
  13. haha, but who says you cant think outside the box... or outside the obvious?
  14. Ohh... but then that isnt failsafe (boo hiss)... if the plug falls out your screwed!
  15. Wow catkicker, that is the most inspiring story ive heard all week. LONG LIVE THE 6800ULTRA AGP! Hey... make the most out of it while you got it.
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