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  1. I will never buy a DFI product any more. When my current NF4 Ultra-D dies in the foreseeable future, I will not RMA it even it is still under the warranty. I refuse take or witness any more abuse from someone who says he represents DFI. There are a lot of good people here who are truly helping new DFI owners. Thanks to Pershoot, Sharp, StephenC, Playah and many others. Logging out....
  2. I think the DFI employees on this site need change the way they post some of the messages here. I consider some of them unprofessional. Remember we are your customers. Customers are no. 1. I asked a simple question about the fan header voltage yesterday and nobody from DFI has given me an answer yet. Instead, they spent all day writing essays in this thread. Don't ask me to do a search. You are here to provide support and I expect your support. If you have to answer the same question a thousand times to a thousand customers, just do it. This is your job (DFI support technician), isn't it?
  3. It doesn't matter if DFI funds this site or not. This site is run by several DFI employees and therefore DFI, as a company, has full the responsibity for this site. In many posts, these DFI employees clearly lead consumers to believe this is in fact an official DFI support site. Many of you post messages during normal work hours and we have to assume that DFI pays you salary to do so.
  4. I probably spend more money for my kids junk foods in a month than my complete DFI rig. This is how we manage the money and you may not understand it. LOL. I must have been too stupid or unlucky to have 4 RMAs in order to get my DFI system up running.
  5. 12V or else on the motherboard's fan header?
  6. You are just lucky. I built my first PC in 1989 and it still took me more than one month to figure everything out. I am still learning. BTW, if I just wanted stock frequency, I would have got everything going in less than 3 hours.
  7. If you have 12+ hours per day for this new joy for next 1 week, start your long journey by reading all the stickies in this forum. Otherwise, just get a different motherboard.
  8. Andrew, It is going to take you at least 1 month to get this thing stablized. Today is your day 1. Don't hesitate to RMA any part you think is defective.
  9. Nothing to worry about. Change your boot sequence in bios. BTW, upgrade your bios to 623-3. It works better for your system.
  10. You rig is similar to mine and I had the same problem. I think I know the exact fix for your problem. First question, are you overclocking the system? If so, how much? What are your voltage settings? P.S. Don't bother the new Nvidia chipset driver. You can install it later. It is not the cause of the problem.
  11. Got to use an external decoder that even converts 5.1 to 7.1.
  12. I agree with Sharp. Did a comparison between the onboard AC sound and Sound Blaster Live 5.1 MP3 Digital yesterday. I use SPDIF digital output only. The sound quality from the SB is far better (richer and more dimensions). If you use Winamp, try run Winamp and copy some large files from CD drive to the hard drive at the same time. I actually crashed the Winamp with the onboard sound chip.
  13. If you are not pushing the limits of OC, anything bios after 510 will work. -1, -2 and -3 don't make much difference. 510 doesn't work with Venice or Sandy well.
  14. suio

    Stability lost after bios tries

    This is a very common problem. No one has a good explanation yet. Wierd things happen every time when I clear he CMOS too. Keep flashing the same bios over and over again (3 times minimum). Don't reload saved settings. You will have to memorize them or write them on a piece of paper or take some pictures of your bios screen. For your rig, 623-2 or -3 should work fine.
  15. suio

    The ULTIMATE MBM 5 Settings/Help Thread

    The GPU temp for NV cards is now working. Will give it a try today. Looks nice. Does MBM log any alarm in temperature and voltage to a file? Sound: are you still using the new OCZ Gold 2x512?