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  1. Okay I got it stable at 2.4 but only after I put the DRAM Freq at 180 (9/10) CPU VID Startup Value = 1.425 CPU VID Control = 1.450 CPU VID Special Control = Above Vid * 110 BIOS reads CPU core Voltage as 1.57 Temp is now about 35-36 idle. At what temp should I start to cut back?
  2. Okay done some testing... Stock Idle:29C 3DMark05 - 4796 @2.1ghz Idle:29C Load: 34C 3DMark05 - 4850 @2.2ghz Idle: 30C Load: 35C 3DMark05 - 4845 Not sure why my score went down, might of been a driver change that I did. With these temps, should I continue up to 2.3?
  3. I did try a number of those settings last night, but it would reboot just before windows started. Jess
  4. I've been trying to overclock my CPU and been having some issues. I cant seem to find a setting that allows stable overclocking, but yet again I'm positive that I'm doing something wrong. Nevertheless, I have reset the bios back to the defaults until I know exactly how it should be setup. What genie settings would you recommend I start at for my chip? Thanks in advance, Jess
  5. For the sake of people who have this issue in the future, I fixed it by doing the following: 5/10-2 BIOS 76.41 beta vid drivers 6.53 chipset drivers without NV IDE driver and getting a new PSU and OCZ Ram.
  6. I have a Lan Party NF4 Ultra D with the 2005/05/10 bios, 3200+ AMD 64 and 2x512mb sticks of value select 3700 corsair. I had random BSODs (Irq_not_less_or_equal) and windows couldn't live more then 20 minutes each time. I ran memtest86+ and let it loop for about 5 hours without any problems. It would still crash no matter what DRAM settings in the bios. Last night I took out the two sticks and put in a old stick of 2700 and it has been stable as a house. Does this mean the sticks are bad? or just not compatible with my board? Thanks
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