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  1. 3GHz at what voltage? Prime 95 24hrs stable? Can you ship to Australia, how much?
  2. 3GHz at what voltage? Prime 95 24hrs stable? Can you ship to Australia, how much?
  3. 3GHz at what voltage? Prime 95 24hrs stable? Can you ship to Australia, how much?
  4. want to buy Evercool CV-RE chipset cooler Buyer in Melbourne Australia, please contact msn or email on : [email protected]otmail.com do no use PM please.
  5. GPS software for both Plam os v5.2 and Pocket PC 2003 (Windows Mobile 2005). Graphic and Voice Navigation; cover whole Australia map. Single license price $50 only! Two licenses price $90! If interest, please contact: [email protected]; Please Do NOT PM me, use my email.
  6. I am selling a LG 1750SQ Mornitor, Silver color, Meet TCO 03 spec. 8ms responds time. No die pixel. Only used for about 6 month, less than 300 hours usage time. sell for upgrade to widescreen. Price: AUD$250 , bought from Scorpion Technology, receipt still available. Still in 3 Year Warranty Time Located at Australia Melbourne Welcome to Pick up or will ship within Australia. Accept Bank Deposit or pay when pick up. mail me if interesting: [email protected] Will reply quicker than PM. =====SPEC===== Narrow Bezel Design : Ideal for commercial use - Ultra Narrow Bezel disign enables monitors to be tiled making them ideal for trading floors, banks, airports, design center and etc. Quick Response Time : Quick response time realizes smooth and flicker free images. Built-in Power Adapter : For reduced cable clutter and easy wall-mounting OSD Lock : OSD Lock function prevents unwanted changes to display settings Auto Adjustment Function : Automatically sets image position, phase and pitch LightView Function : LightVeiw function allows users to freely adjust brightness and color temperature according to their computing situation like photo, text, movie (Day/Night). Certified TCO-03 : More strict regulations than TCO-99, it gurantees user's excellent workplace regarding ergonomics, visual performance and environment. Panel Size : 17" Brightness : 250 cd/m?/span> Contrast Ratio : 500 : 1 Viewing Angle : H: 160, V: 160 Response Time : 8 ms Supported Colours : 16.2M Resolution : 1280 x 1024 Sync Range Frequency [H] : 30 - 83kHz Frequency [V] : 56 - 75Hz Spec Physical Spec : Analogue Special Spec : Light View
  7. mine Opteron 170's max stable is 2.5GHz @ 1.525v, poor......
  8. I just get my DFI LP nF4 SLI-DR eXpert motherboard yesterday, and I have big trouble after install this motherboard into my system. CS:Source, NFS9 DEMO(Most Wanted) runs very strange, the graphic extremely un-smooth, and frames are jumping very quickly, CS: Source also has the problem. I used the latest nF4 chipset driver and graphic card driver. Can Not solve the problem. And I swapped both of my 7800GTX to X700Pro, OCZ PC4000EB 2GB Kit to G.Skill 1GB ZX, re-install WindowsXP SP2, still can't slove the problem. and During the WIndows XP Installation, system stay at "Installing Device" for long time, then I have to restart to finish the WinXP Installation. After re-install a freash WindowsXP SP2, problem still exist. I haven't tried the other 3D program. My System didn't overclock at all, and tried load the default BIOS setting, no helping at all. My system hardware is: AMD Opteron 170 DFI LP nF4 eXpert XFX 7800GTX EE Raptor 74G OCZ Powerstream 600W Poinner DVD+-RW Logitect LX700+Diamondback mouse Is this mobo has bad RAM compatiblity???? Please Help...!!!! I am going to cry for it!!!!
  9. don't angry lar, angry is not good for your health lar be happy.
  10. i think DFI is not that bad, they are not going to release it if it has a such big problem. But one of my thread related to this problem also be deleted. No good...
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