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  1. This board has sata2 right. I just got 2 320gb Seagates and want to run them with sata2. I took the jumper out after I set up my raid 0 array. That shouldn't affect anything thought, correct? How do I get them running in sata2? Thanks for your help.
  2. I want to flash the bios so that there are no probs when detected it. I am very new to flashing bios I kinda have the basic idea of how to do it, But is there anything you would sugest doing to make my life a little easier so I dont have a big mess. Thanks for any and all help. P.S. Thank you modds for moving for me
  3. i dont get how to actually flash it. it will just do it on its own?
  4. ok cool i found where it say nf4 sli and i did it correctly yay. thanks. what about bios update? should i bother with that. im still running 6/23
  5. where on the boot screen. i cant seem to find where it says nf4u.
  6. I have a never done that so I dont know whats invloved.
  7. ok so nothing will change in that respect, ok. do i need to get differenct chipset drivers?
  8. well cullend11, when you open up CPU-z on your comp, What does it say for the chipset?
  9. i only have one card. and how do you do the sata3? I didnt even know that exists.
  10. I did the mod, but my board had the epozy so i think i scrapped enough off. But how do i check to make sure that it is infact a sli-d board now? Thanks for any help.
  11. I got my 3700 SD to 2.85 @1.52v. This was last night i have yet to see if it is stable with prime 95 will do that tonight
  12. sorry havent posted here in a while.
  13. Well I will start with the sys specs: 3700 SD /w SI-120 Ultra-D 2gb OCZ platium 2-3-2-5 And 2x512 patriot 2-3-2-5 When I am OCing the Patriot RAM, I was able to get them to 217mhz. They are not TCCD so I wasnt expecting 260 or anything crazy, but I was thinking they would do a bit more then that. I then switched them out with the OCZ and to my surprise, I achieved the EXACT same OC. I was thinking that something could not be right here. I evenally was able to get the OCZ up to 230mhz on 3-4-3-8 timmings, again I wasnt expecting anything extreme. Now I took the Patriot RAM to my friends house (3.0north wood a GIgabyte GA-8IPE1000 Pro v2.0) , and we were able to get the patriot stable at 227mhz. This rose a flag up that maybe there might be something not right with my board because I just get a reboot whenever they are set above 217mhz. I have tried upping the voltage and still no go. Is there anything that I can do to possible get the patriot to run at the 227mhz, proven before, on my board? I did not try the OCZ on my friends comp.
  14. yea its been a while sense ive done that i dont remember where to go to get there...wow i feel stupid
  15. So i am new to setting up raid. I have 2 74gb raptors in raid 0 and i made a partion of 10gb for windows. How do i make a second partion with the rest of the array? I followed angry_game's guide for setting it up but how do i go back and make a second partion. Ultra-d 2 raptors
  16. ok so it does fit just fine i guess i was worrying over nothing then
  17. do you happen to have any pics of how close it is to everything?
  18. ok so should i jus get the 7000b or the xp90 then..one of those two
  19. Hi, im getting the ultra-d, and i am wondering if anyone is using it with a 7700 zalman cooler. does it fit? it listed on zalman's site that it doesnt but im sure someone has made it work. if you can post pics if thats is at all possible. thanks you for your time to look at this thread and comment one it.
  20. i know how to put it together and so forth i have taken my apart completely execpt gor the HSF i just dont knwo the order in whihc to install things i will have to read up on it.
  21. ok i also need to know some sor of order to install things. i know how to get it in teh case and stuff, but i dont know what i need to do from there. installingos/drivers testing for stabilty and so on.
  22. where is the floppy plug on the barod i can seen to find it in the pics i dont have the borad yet
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