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  1. This board has sata2 right. I just got 2 320gb Seagates and want to run them with sata2. I took the jumper out after I set up my raid 0 array. That shouldn't affect anything thought, correct? How do I get them running in sata2? Thanks for your help.
  2. I want to flash the bios so that there are no probs when detected it. I am very new to flashing bios I kinda have the basic idea of how to do it, But is there anything you would sugest doing to make my life a little easier so I dont have a big mess. Thanks for any and all help. P.S. Thank you modds for moving for me
  3. i dont get how to actually flash it. it will just do it on its own?
  4. ok cool i found where it say nf4 sli and i did it correctly yay. thanks. what about bios update? should i bother with that. im still running 6/23
  5. where on the boot screen. i cant seem to find where it says nf4u.
  6. I have a never done that so I dont know whats invloved.
  7. ok so nothing will change in that respect, ok. do i need to get differenct chipset drivers?
  8. well cullend11, when you open up CPU-z on your comp, What does it say for the chipset?
  9. i only have one card. and how do you do the sata3? I didnt even know that exists.
  10. I did the mod, but my board had the epozy so i think i scrapped enough off. But how do i check to make sure that it is infact a sli-d board now? Thanks for any help.
  11. I got my 3700 SD to 2.85 @1.52v. This was last night i have yet to see if it is stable with prime 95 will do that tonight
  12. sorry havent posted here in a while.
  13. Well I will start with the sys specs: 3700 SD /w SI-120 Ultra-D 2gb OCZ platium 2-3-2-5 And 2x512 patriot 2-3-2-5 When I am OCing the Patriot RAM, I was able to get them to 217mhz. They are not TCCD so I wasnt expecting 260 or anything crazy, but I was thinking they would do a bit more then that. I then switched them out with the OCZ and to my surprise, I achieved the EXACT same OC. I was thinking that something could not be right here. I evenally was able to get the OCZ up to 230mhz on 3-4-3-8 timmings, again I wasnt expecting anything extreme. Now I took the Patriot RAM to my friends house (3.0north wood a GIgabyte GA-8IPE1000 Pro v2.0) , and we were able to get the patriot stable at 227mhz. This rose a flag up that maybe there might be something not right with my board because I just get a reboot whenever they are set above 217mhz. I have tried upping the voltage and still no go. Is there anything that I can do to possible get the patriot to run at the 227mhz, proven before, on my board? I did not try the OCZ on my friends comp.
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