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  1. The computer is the same except the RAM and the PSU. But I found the problem.... Seems like the RAM that was on the board didnt like the 2.6 volt ... I did a test and changed the ram (2 gig redline) for a stick of 256 meg kingston , booted up... Then pushed up the vdimm to 2.8 , reboot + stop computer + switch to the redline again and then it boot-up everytime. Its weird tho that the computer booted everytime after a cmos clear.
  2. Could this be a 'COLD BOOT' problem ? i see that thing a lot around here...
  3. Im building a new rig for a friend with almost the same parts as mine... Problem is, when i recieved the computer (all build from the computer shop) and i first booted the computer, it took like 4-5 seconds before i can see the DFI LOGO, but it finaly booted... Everything seems to be ok... so im like 'i'll go look at the BIOS and see the settings' , then i reboot and go to the BIOS, there was a lot of tweak to do with those settings but that's part of the game. So i turn off the DFI LOFO to be able to see the bios date at the boot-screen, save & quit and then what ? BIPPP BIPPP BIPPP Red ligth and nothing happen... After some hours of testing, i can say that to boot i needed to FLASH THE BIOS (clear cmos for 10 mins with power down) , then the computer will boot again ONE TIME, if i want to boot it again, i need to clear the cmos another time. BIG WASTE of time if you ask me lol Before leaving the BIOS on the first boot i saved the settings into bank #1 to be sure i have something to return to if i ever do something bad with my tweaks (i did not tweak the computer atm, with default settings cuz now when i clear the cmos it loads defaults settings, i see a 'checksum error - reload default settings' on the bootscreen, 'press f4 to continue' or something like this). After on of the many many bios flash i've done, i tried to reload the bank #1 to see if it can do something good (running out of idea), and OMFG, the settings that have been loaded from the save was mixed up, FSB of 456 or something like that. Every settings was all messed-up. I reloaded default settings, save & quit. Same thing as usual on reboot, BIPPP BIPPP BIPPP... The bios date seems to be pretty recent, 2006 at least, so i decided to try to flash to 510-2 BIOS (my best bios ever) and see how it goes, problem is, i did not think about the fact that after the awdflash execution the insturctions tells to go into the bios and reload default settings BEFORE doing the flash, but the computer after the reboot did nothing else than red ligths and BIPPP BIPP BIPPP sound. I tried flashing the bios anyway, but now it wont boot at all... Anyone have an idea of what happened to me with this board ??? I think i did an error on my last try of putting 510-2 bios (i should have known that my computer wont boot and its writen in the instructions that we need to RELOAD default settings BEFORE clearing the cmos) but man that was my last resort... I just want to know what do you think happened to me, what can cause this ? Wrong bios ? Bad board ? I'll call the shop where i bought the computer tonite and i want to have some clue from dfi-expert before doing so... Sorry for my bad english and the pretty long text, i was trying to give you the all the information i could. Thankx
  4. with a divider (ratio) for the RAM i could use 9 multi without problems. can you show me any good DDR500 2x1G dual channel ram ? i have some difficulties to find a good one.
  5. Wow , nice link ! but gimme a week or two to read it all lol I know timings arent EVERYTHING, but if you get 500mhz with good timings i say ur in way to see great performance in overall.
  6. Yeah, i know that the more ram you have, the less it will overlock in overall. But when i look at the stock timings (2-3-2-5) , man that's a good start !!! I will maybe lose a little on the power (mhz) side but im sure i can manage to hit 480-500mhz with this ram too. What i dislike in overall with 2GB kit is the timings, but this ram is different, with timings like that, who needs overlock ? :angel:
  7. when you say 'the ram i am using', you mean the OCZ 1GIG VX or the OCZ EL Platinum PC3200 2GB 2X1GB DDR400 CL2-3-2-5 ? My actual ram is the VX and it overclock pretty well at 3.1 volt. Im actually at 3-2-2-8 at 500 mhz. For the ram i would like to buy (the Platinum PC3200 2GB) , i only read good things about this ram on the net, it seems like a kick-butt 2GB kit if you ask me.
  8. Hello there, My actual ram is OCZ 1GIG VX GOLD and im think im ready for a change, this ram is fast as hell but i think more ram wont hurt at that point for my gaming needs. (Most of the time, QUANTITY > SPEED for ram if you play a game for a long time) So, i think i'll buy this kit : OCZ EL Platinum PC3200 2GB 2X1GB DDR400 CL2-3-2-5 184PIN Pin Dual Channel Memory Kit /W Ramsink But im not very aware of the new bios since my last search (last year). My actual bios is 510-2. Wich one do you think i should try for my new ram ?
  9. /BUMP I've done more test and im not about to resolve this problem it seems First, i've try my D-LINK networking card to see if i have a normal IP after the 'dectecting my ip' phase, and it was like 169.x.x.x.x so i figure out it was not receiving an IP and this is why this card was not working at all... After that, i've buy a D-LINK router (DI-604) to see if it will get my problem fixed... i dont need a router cuz i have only one computer but i was hoping it could put some ligth on my problems. After the installation : good news : -with both networking card (onboard MARVELL and PCI D-LINK) im able to configure the router, this mean that both card work correctly, or at least are able to comunicate with something lol -my router is able to connect to the internet, i recieve an IP, DHCP is working so my computer is getting a IP from the router... bad news : Internet on my computer is still not working, well, it seems like its working, i can ping the 2 DNS ip that i can found in the router when he's connected to internet... I can also ping internet website like 'ping www.google.ca' and i got an answer MOST OF THE TIME, why most of the time ? because i've done more than one ping and sometimes i got 100% send/recieve rate, but i also sometimes got like 75%, 50%, and one time 25%... So it seems like its working, but its in bad shape... In internet explorer i tried to hit www.google.ca and it was veryyyyyy longggg and i couldnt see anything load, i've made some close/open of IE and one time i've hit the website, the site was loading but the loading never ended... I mean, i could see the site, but the picture of 'google' was like 75% loaded and would not load anymore even if i wait... I don't have the laptop anymore (its a laptop from work that i kinda 'stealed' for one day heh) so i was not able to test the connexion with my router from another computer... But im sure that if i get my laptop back at home it will work... Weird thing : if i plug my onboard MARVELL device in the router, it seems that sometimes it makes it lose its internet connexion ! Sometimes The wan ligth are not flashing anymore on the router, even if i reset it wont connect again, until i unplug the rj45 wire from my MARVELL card... Then if i reset the router the ligths comes back and im able to connect... This problem did not happen with my D-LINK networking card in my test... So i believe my MARVELL device is realy f*cked-up... Man this is weird... My ISP told me to try this : DOWNGRADE the version of firmware from 3.51 to 3.36, they told me it was a more stable version... but hey, i really dont think it will do any difference... i'll try the 'downgrade' version trick tonite but if it doesnt work the only thing i can do next on my own is to give my CPU back to where i've buy it (its still on the 1 year warranty) and see if they can find something... I feel like if i was running after an invisible monkey, he's hidding and he laugh at me all the time
  10. Already done the disabling thing , and if it was that when i formated and had nothing else than my graphic card and my network card drivers installed it would have been working great, thats not the case Sorry for this long story, but its not an easy short and sweet problem, this problem ruins my life since 2 months, i've already post a short thread about this problem and got no answer, so i chose the 'long too much description' way to see if it will make it
  11. Another thing the need to be specify more clearly maybe is that in the first month of using, my internet connexion was working great with my onboard device, now that its getting worst day by day, i want to use another card but its not working
  12. I got the answer from my ISP, they told me to try to use a router, otherwise that it was probably a hardware problem... In other words they want me to buy a router and if its not working, thats still my problem... and i'll have to put my computer in repair for a networking problem that they will maybe not be able to reproduce without trying to use my 'WIFI' PPPOE connexion... Do you think a router resolve this problem ??? Im so good to have the weirdest problems in the world
  13. My first post was maybe a little ambigous here is some other explaination : I said its a WIFI connexion and i hope i am not wrong, its a PPPOE internet connexion, i have no routers, no WIFI stuff on my computer, i have a wire that go from my network card to a little device (decoder ?) then go straigth to the antena. (it use an antena at the end, thats why i said it was WIFI...) The antena is on top of a 60' tower , see this thread for more info about this , so theres realy nothing that can interfer with the signal now lol Cards are not wifi card, my linksys and my d-link and my onboard networking MARVELL device are all 'normal' networking card that need a wire to be working I am not using my linksys and my d-link at the same time, for now i have my d-link in the PCI slot, i've buy the LINKSYS first but it was not working so to be sure it was not the card that was bugged i bought another one , the d-link, to be sure of that... and the two of them are working in the same way, detecting my ip when i plug the wire in, but im not able to connect... I've formated to be sure that drivers from my onboard networking MARVELL device (and anything else that could interfer or cause problem) are not installed, i've install my video card drivers, then my d-link drivers, and its the same problem... Again, everything is working realy well if i plug the wire in a laptop that use XP PRO, the same OS i am using... English is not my primary langage so forgive me for my wrong spelling Hope things are more clear now
  14. I have submited this problem to my ISP and since its working very well with another computer im waiting for a 'its not our problems' answer
  15. Note : I am forced to go with WIFI internet cuz no adsl or cable ISP are present in my town, the only way i can leave 56k behind is by using WIFI or by moving into another city.
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