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  1. would the value ram cause the problem i am seeing? i guess i will go through the process of removing the mobo and testign it all piece by piece, but i dont want to go past 30 days becasue after that i have no chance of getting it returned.
  2. I keep on getting mixed messages some people telling me to give up and others are tellign me to get new RAM please review the thread in my sig and then repost if you feel that that is Truely the problem. I have already replaced teh PSU which was supposed to be the problem before, but now it wont even post. Also, the LED diagnostic gets past the RAM detection phase. I would like to get a general consensus as to the RAM being the problem if possible, i will have to hook the computer back together, but it will defninitely be worth if it the problem is the ram
  3. do you suggest i buy memory and see if it works, and then send it back? i guess i will try, except i unplugged all of the LEDs and the FrontX damnit well ill send the email to newegg jsut to see if they will RMA so i will have a backup.
  4. have you ever returned a motherboard? hope so...
  5. uh, it really isnt going to work for me, but you cna look at the post, i already began to dissemble the mobo, unhooked all of the LEDs all of the power connections and began to unscrew it my mobo isnt even posting bypolar, and i am too n00b to make a DFI mobo run.
  6. yeah, sounds logical and is exaclty what i need; so i guess i need to begin to take my computer apart, or maybe ill wait until i can call them tomorrow. RGone, you are by far teh most helpful fourmer i have met, and i thank you for putting such time and effort into all of your responses, finally, what newbie boards do you reccomend for around 140-170 dollars. thanks, dosan89 p.s. what is the best approach to getting the heatsink off off the mobo
  7. taht was what i was thinking even before i read your post. makes mit a bit upset that Neweggs RMA policy is crap product is warranted thorugh the manufacturer so only DFI will be able to RMA it, and DFI i dont presume will give me a Refund, ha, i wish. ANy Advice as what i should do?
  8. even considering a refund? wait so i am stuck with a f*cking mobo that wont work for me, and i cant refund cause Newegg wants me to refund through DFI, and if i understand correctly DFI will not refund it, only replace it. just great. what would happen if i requested an RMA from newegg on the order, would they jsut reject it? if they will replace it i might as well have the mreplace it so i can sell it on ebay or something. I truely do not want to be screwed and completely regret buying a DFI product. Would it not be possible to refund the mobo if it is within 30 days?
  9. alright, if i dont fix my problem in 2 days i will be shipping the mobo back. Does anyone have any experience with new egg's RMA program? thanks
  10. nah a CRT, i think it is just an extra long cable dont know for sure btw im not using the ghosting monitor on the computer, i am using a very high quality samsung panel. i jsut plan to use the vfiewsonic now back the the subject of fixing my computer....?
  11. What is the return policy on DFI boards?
  12. buying ram will be pointless until we actually pinpoint the promblem,but if i need to i have those links bookmarked. I dont have much expendable income and must pin-point the problem before i go buying ram, i just purchased these 2 sticks and it would be a shame to not be able to use them.
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