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  1. Thanks. FYI, the SiI fault tolerance is misleading. I've had 2 drives fail and the firs time it occurred, the drive was making a clicking noise and was not happy, and the SiI just didn't ID the array as valid. It dropped the bad drive, had the remaining two in a raid5 array, and never booted. The second time it failed, the drive was (interestingly) on the same sata interface port and the SiI performed the say way. :sad: I'm going to pick up an Adaptec SATA raid5 card. I need reliability.
  2. http://www.google.com/search?q=Proxy
  3. Can I assume that using 3 drives and setting "striping" as the option is the same as saying raid level 5? Is it fault tolerant?
  4. Citrix for data control? Citrix would allow you to run applications on it in one of a couple modes, but either mode runs the apps from the server using the client as display only. That may be perfect for a hand held device with a wireless connection so that you can view web pages faster as the browser runs on the server (and use a web gateway to your data) or even have a virtual desktop screen displayed from the handheld. What sort of data do you need to control? What's the end result you're looking for?
  5. Yes. yes it is. Battlefield 2142 is amazing. Civ4, equally amazing, and I just tried the warhammer dawn of war demo and it was crystal. I barely notice that it's an LCD. If you wait, the Dell web site will have a sale eventually and the price will drop from 799 down to 719 or lower. I watched the prices on them for almost a year before I bought two of them.
  6. Actually, a customer is not always right and is frequently wrong. I have never worked in retail, and I don't want to, however I do sympathize with all those who do work retail simply because I have to deal with lUsers. As a SysAdmin, I have heard quite a bit, from, "how does FTP work," to "I spilled coffee/soda/water on my laptop. It still works but the keys are sticky so I think I just need to clean it; I used bleach but it smells. Can I get a new keyboard?" :eek2: :sad: Anyways, just make sure that when you're at the Store that you be civil. Being mean just gets you posted as a story on http://www.customerssuck.com/ and, fun as it is to read about whining, I'd hate to think that you yelled at someone who can't do anything about supply when the fault lies with the manufacturer.
  7. I have a 61" Infocus (Thanks, Woot!) with a Denon surround sound driving a Sony sub and speakers (nothing too fancy there, but good quality). My fiancee hates that she can hear -all- the background noise when watching CSI:NY cause some of the clanking sounds in the autopsy area can be distracting. Rain also tends to make you feel like you're outside and, on several occasions, I've wondered what "that" sound is only to realize it's the TV. I like the media centers that you guys have with the HTPCs. How do you get your video cards to display without cutting off the image? I used to play EQ2 on the big screen and it would chop all sides even with the resolution set to match the native display on the screen (61md10).
  8. I got one of the Dell machines when they dropped to the $670 range. Free shipping, too! I love it. http://www.greyrose.net/X2/RLDesktop.jpg for pic.
  9. I'd get a short or two, but only in black. A polo would be cool, too.
  10. Walgreens locally has been advertising that they'll refill ink carts now too. Pretty nifty. I'm stll running a pair of printers that use centronics cables. :eek2: I have one printer that's all USB, Centronics and Network, a Phaser 860 from TekTronics by Xerox. That bad boy uses Dye Sublimation inks and those waxy bricks are $40 a piece.
  11. might be time to RMA it. Some of the refurb stuff from woot is cheap cause it needs to be rma'd. I had that happen to one of the sata seagate drives I got from them. Not a big deal.
  12. IP stack sounds hosed. Remove all protocols associated with the nic and reinstall tcp/ip. Use default settings.
  13. Were those the refurb LCDs from woot?
  14. I had a similar thing with TigerDirect. I ordered a case for my mom's build and it arrived dented like the UPS guys had played soccer with it. Even with all the foam padding, which was in good order, there were concave marks on the top under the foam where the frame's pop rivets indented the "skin" of the case. Pretty amazing. Anyways, TD issued an RMA number, did an advance replacement (blocked out some cash on my credit card, no big deal), sent me a new case with an included UPS label for the return. Pretty easy. More recently, the 12v rail on my Ultra PSU went south (I received a couple errors from the ITE Smart Guardian before the PSU turned off). I call up Ultra and it was pretty easy, a standard advance RMA, except they don't make my PSU any more so I got a slightly different one (a new X-Finity 2). I can't remember all my RMAs, but the only place I can think of as being the best RMA is HP. Of course, we have a contract for 4/24x7 support (4 hour response time, 24x7) so calling up in the morning with a failed hard drive and getting it fixed before lunch sort of spoils you.
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