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    static sounds??

    i was in UT this afternoon (first outing for the new toy) and there was some sound crackle. i set the sound in UT to safe mode and it worked just fine
  2. i had the exact same problem, flashed to the latest bios and problem solved currently running the ram at 2-2-2-5 dual channel at stock speeds
  3. I've reflashed and everything is now running fine at stock speeds now in two minds about sending the PSU back
  4. is there any point in reflashing the bios before getting hold of a new power supply. Incidentally I didn't have to use an adaptor to hook up the Akasa paxpower PSU to get it to work. The only adaptor in the box was a 4 pin HDD to 6 pin PCI-E adaptor
  5. just ran memtest86 and it came up with over 12,000 errors on test 8, my settings are 2-3-5-2 and the Corsair XMS3200SL Platinum TwinX is meant to be good for 2-5-2-2 is it still likely to be the power supply thats causing this?
  6. i had a feeling you were going to say that, hopefully overclockers.co.uk will take it back and swap it for a bigger one
  7. I've just put together my shiny new box of tricks (i think all the details are in my sig) and after a bit of trouble (i'm new to SATA) got windows XP pro SP2 to install its insanely tempermental about booting, this is how it goes: i reset CMOS using the jumper windows boots normally i restart windows gets as far as the scrolling loading xp bar, it loads and then the screen goes black, the dvd drive spins up and it restarts after this it will only start in safe mode until i reset CMOS again i'm using the 01/25/2005 bios if thats any help