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  1. In my case i would says is worth the upgrade, my pc boots faster, at it feels more stable.
  2. I have the same problems, No POST only 1 long beep This is what i did, clear cmos, removed my 2 sticks, tried every stick in each slot using only 1 stick and still i cant post. DO you think is the CPU?
  3. Nope, the heat is the same, in fact the new SATA Temp is 30C. The older one is 31C my CPU is 25C,Chipset 34C. I was thinking about reinstalling Windows againg, cause i ran memtest 10 time.
  4. Ok, so i checked the IDE Funtion and RAID is disabled, any more suggestions?
  5. Well after a few days more of testing i am still confused as to why i cant overclock my memory with 2 SATA HDD. If i disconnect my backup drive (leaving only 1 SATA in port 3) i can overclock as usual my memory at 275 Mhz 2.5-3-2-5 CPU at 2750 Mhz.
  6. First off. i was runnig happily for 2 months now at 2750 Mhz 1.52 Volts. Memory at 275 Mhz 2.5-3-2-5, i was using a single SATA Drive SEAGATE 250 GB connected to port SATA 3. using BIOS 704-2 bta I bought a new SATA Western Digital 160 Gb to use as my primary hard drive. i connected that hard drive to port SATA 3. i installed windows and now i cant overclock my memory, my CPU sits well at 2750 and my memory at 210 Mhz 2-2-2-5 But if i try to change 2.5-3-2-6 or higher (ive tried 3-3-3-6) than 210 Mhz my cpu at 2730 Mhz cant boot into windows, ive already try all the combinations possible primary hardrive at ports 1,2,3 and 4, backup drive at 1,2,3 and 4 with no luck any recommendations? obviously i want to run that same as before 2750 Mhz, memory 275 Mhz 2.5-3-2-5
  7. From what ive seen, the best overclock in Venice comes with the 1.4v, 1.45v and 1.5v. Keep in mind that even if the temp. itself dont kill your CPU (if less that 60C), you will overclock higher with lower temps. thats why people use vapochill. To put it in another way, people using vapochill and 1.6v can achieve better overclock that XP-120 at 1.6v. My venice overlocks to 2640 at 1.4v and i think is good. from there i need to increase the voltage up to 1.7 to reach 2900.
  8. Since my CPU Fan connector in my MoBo died, i was thinking about buying a fan controller liike the coolermaster aerogate 3, my main question is: Apart from being able to control the RPM and the noise of my fans, will i see any differences with my overclock/stability if i unplug 4 fans from my MoBo and plug them into the fan controller? (Keep in mind that i using all the fan connectors in my MoBo and that i have a Silverstone 650 Watts)
  9. Just 1 thing if you want 24/7 memory with lower Voltage these Geil One are very good. But in my case that i just want to overclock then i would buy the Bh5.
  10. Well, i didnt see any drop in temp in my memory thats why im using a 80 mm fan directly at the memory. what i saw is a raise in my chipset temp from 41 to 46 or 47 (is very hot in here, temp room is about 35 C.)
  11. My Corsair XMS TwinX XL do 320 Mhz at 2.5-4-3-6 1T with 2.8v and 285 Mhz at 2.5-3-3-5 I would rather buy the Geil One BH5 series, been reading and 250 Mhz 2-2-2-5 gives you better bandwidth than 320 at -4-3-6 1T.
  12. Well, if i were you i would buy the ThermalTake Bigwater SE, cools the CPU the same way as the XP-120 with Panaflo (my current configuration). and it will only cost you about 30 USD more. Im experiencing problems with my XP-120, my CPU temp is very low, the problem is that all the heat from the CPU is being forwarded to my chipset and VGA, so thats why i rather use WC with an external radiator. Regards.
  13. OK here is the thing: Original Setup, X800XL on top slot, my Chipset temp was 45 C. After that i moved my X800XL to the lower slot, put some AS5 in my chipset and the temp went down to 40 ~ 41 C. (same room temp.) Then i installed the XP-120 with a Panaflo, the CPU temp went down to 33, the PWMIC to 42 (2 Degreess higher) and the Chipset is now at 48 C. I have 1 x 120 mm at the front bottom of the chassis (intake) 1 x 120mm at the front at the upper leve (intake) 1 x 120 mm exhast at the rear 1 x 90 mm intake at the side window 1 x 80 mm pointing at the Memory 1 x 80 mm pointing at the Chipset. Any suggestions? i cant do anything on my pc cause if the chipset temp reaches 50 c. it reboots (dont know why). My CPU has 1.36v, Memory 2.6, LDT 1.2v and the Chipset 1.5v
  14. The fan that im using with my XP-120 is a Panaflo. I dont have a multimeter but maybe you are right, the problem began when i connected the panaflo to the CPU FAN connector, maybe is fried.
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