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  1. its running 1t how do i disable it and put 2t
  2. Hi, Well recently i got my new comp specs are shown and I have been having a couple of problems with it. I restart my computer after installing windows updates and the computer boots fine it passes the windows xp logo and then it reaches that welcome screen and then suddenly it just reboots back to the dfi nf4 logo it does that a couple of times and sometimes i even get a cpl of BSOD's. I tried clearing the cmos and that did not help. Any Suggestions? thanks in advance, k1ddo
  3. i reset the cmos and everything is working fine now =)
  4. i went to sleep ill try it later on when i get home thanks for the help ill post later on if it helped thanks again guys
  5. sorry that was the bios of my BFG 6600GT
  6. what do you mean by "are all four connectors plugged in to the bios?"
  7. sorry about that oliveryochest PSU is now listed
  8. I went in to bios and loaded optimized settings and now the computer will only boot until the windows xp logo and then restart itself and keeps on doing it. anyone know how i can fix this ? (note that the computer was running fine until i loaded the optimized settings in bios) thanks in advance k1ddo *Edit* I am using an OCZ Modstream 520W PowerSupply
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