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  1. And considering the AGP undervolts by .5 volts, going up to 1.6 would probably be pretty safe.
  2. My gosh. I went back to 711. Back to normal. Definitely avoid this BIOS everyone. It has potential in its setup and new settings, but its less stable than my previous ex-girlfriend.
  3. Ah, So it would appear I am not the only one who got big beeps right after flashing and had to clear CMOS. As it happened to both Trippin and Rebel. Strange that you were able to hit your same overclock Rebel. I couldn't for the life of me, would lock up and boot me back to startup as soon as XP was about to start. Tried it with CPU Throttling 50 percent (Default) and Disabled. No go.
  4. Oldguy, What was your exact flash process for 815? Did you do it with ZIP contents and floppy? awdflash nfsid815.bin /f ? Right after I flashed, I got a nice beep and nothing would post, had to clear CMOS and it posted. Did it do this to anyone else after flash? First time for me, never did it with a 602, 705, or 711 flash.
  5. I'd recommend a OS install only after many flashes, not after just one.
  6. I don't like 815 at all. Got a nice big no post after flash, had to reset CMOS and couldn't hit my previous overclock at all with same settings in 705/711. BIOS looks interesting, but isn't as stable as 705/711.
  7. I've always just made a Boot disk within XP, copied over the Autoexec, BIOS, and AWDFLASH and its worked perfectly fine. Never had to type anything, all automatic.
  8. Why not do it the other way? The way you SHOULD do it. It works fine.
  9. Download the zip one and put the BIOS/AWDFLASH on a floppy and do it that way. Its better doing it that way anyways.
  10. You must remove the cheap fan first by unscrewing it off the heatsink. Then turn over the motherboard and pick out the two holding plastics and if you have one, get a hairdryer and put it on the lowest setting and warm the back of where the chipset is. Not too close, it doesn't need to be very warm. I then got a thin small screwdriver and slighty pinched the heatsink and it removed quite easily.
  11. Is this with the new 815 BIOS? You are running it thus far fine?
  12. Anyone try the new BIOS? Whats your testing been like RGone with it?
  13. I wanted to add that a Vantec Iceberg Chipset HSF WILL fit on the board. So for those of you who have had to or wanted to remove the stock HSF, no worries about adding it. I have noticed a 3-4 degree drop with the Iceberq.
  14. I suggest you email them, whining here won't do anything. They don't read these forums.
  15. Good point, Angry. I love their support too. Its good to know they have people on the forums!
  16. Right on, Fight Game. I think I made a good choice with OCZ. Have heard good things and I really wanted something that was modular, and I know there is the praised Antec Neo, but really felt OCZ had the edge with a higher rated 520W, plus the sleeved cables.
  17. Sorry about that! http://www.jscustompcs.com/power_supply/
  18. So I was tweaking my system recently, yes I like to tweak it often, and started to hit a roadblock with my overclocking. Couldn't get past certain Mhz, knowing others had, or consistant reboots. So I came to thinking, can't be a the RAM or CPU, as I know they can go much higher and then forgot about that one thing we store right in the back of the computer, hiding away, the power supply. You'd think 450W would be enough, but then I found this little tool: http://www.jscustompcs.com/power_supply/ It helped me get a guess at how much power I'm actually using. Now you will note, it says for servers. The reason I went with that, is that they don't have any dual core AMD CPUs in the regular one, and the only dual core AMD chips they have are the Opteron, which is close enough. So I started adding them all up and found out the total is 451W Thats assuming no CPU or GPU overclocking, or increasing volts. And not taking into account my higher end Panaflo 92mm CPU fan and 120mm fan I have in for even more cooling, with the standard four 80mm case fans. Just picked up a OCZ ModStream 520W modular power supply. Not as beefy as their higher end 600W, but I doubt I'd need that right now. This baby is modular too and sleeved, really effective for better cooling and cleaning that case. Rule of thumb! Check out how much power you are really using! How much (estimated) is everyone else using by this tool?
  19. With that setting anyways. I've however found that tweaking many of the memory settings have given me a good 200-300 boost in memory scores.
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