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  1. holy crap that thing is huge...with the first pictures i thought you have a a Swiftech chipset HS, not an actually cpu sink.... definately awesome.
  2. I did something similar with mine before i killed it. I took a coolermaster stock replacement HSF, and cut it in half, epoxied one half to my northbridge and the other to the temporary geforce 2 GTS... i'll try to get a few pictures later on.
  3. I did that three years ago with my old Pentium MMX [email protected] Although I used canola oil. It worked fine, but once oil heats up, it has almost no heat loss, so the oil will just continually get hotter and hotter..
  4. Chances are you aren't going to find high CFM clear fans. Most high CFM fans are 120X38mm, and i have never seen a clear/UV fan that large. I second going for Panaflo fans, I bought 3 Panaflo M1As from sidewinder for $11US a piece, and @ 7V they still put out good air while reasonable quiet.
  5. they aren't that hard to do.. there is a guy on ocforums that even build a LCD screen into his.. won second play in newegg's case modding competition...
  6. have you ever heard the MCP655? It is very quiet. Its not like the MCP650 it doesn't hum at all anymore. And personally i use Primoflex tubing, its cheap, its silicon so it bends like a mofo, and its UV reactive.
  7. True. But i bet a lot of newer games coming out here in the next few years will definately be taking advantage of the ram....
  8. Swifttech's Apex Kit is by far the best watercooling kit on the market... IT comes with a Swiftech Storm waterblock, a MCP655 pump, and a 120X2 radiator, and fans, fittings, etc.
  9. Out of those two I would suggest the Seasonic PSU. However i would still suggest the OCZ 520 over the 600. here is a good post on OCF that explains it a bit. http://www.ocforums.com/showpost.php?p=3845720&postcount=47
  10. From the picture on Nvidia's site i truely think without HDR looked a lot better, and not so washed out.
  11. I believe he meant to turn the hard drives around so the cables are @ the backside, and you can't see them as much.
  12. You really can't compare current Intel and AMD dual-cores. They have totally different price ranges, and meant for different markets.
  13. That is a few years old i do believe. The guy has done a few other systems that are equally impressive.
  14. Are you good with a dremel? and don't mind cutting (non-visable) parts of the case? What i suggest is try to run as much as the wire undernearth the motherboard as well as backside of the motherboard. Cut holes in the backside and run power connectors if possible from under the motherboard, here is a pic of what mine looks like before i put the motherboard in. as you can see the power cable for my videocard is coming through from under the motherboard. http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b110/tul...endonMedium.jpg
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