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  1. Thanks everyone, that may be my whole problem. I had 2x512 OCZPC5000 crap out on me, so they were nice enough to RMA all 4 of my sticks. When i get back up to 2GB hopefully that will take care of everything.
  2. Yes, it's choppy even at stock speeds and i've d/l the AMD driver. I'm running 3dmark05 and 03 with really nice scores. I've tried the Nvidia 81.84 beta drivers that are supposed to be optimized for dual core. One wierd thing that did happen was when I went old school and tried to run 3dMark01se... I was getting 400-550fps on everything and then on the high detail lobby scene i dropped to 9 or 10fps. I thought it was funny anyway. Does anyone think I should try a reload of windows?
  3. Ok so I got this 3800+ X2, and loaded windows and played around with both cores got it rock stable @ 2500Mhz. When I load BF2 it's extremely choppy. So I do a little hunting on the forums and d/l the MS patch for X2's because my chip is a E4. That still didnt do anything for the choppiness of BF2. I load Half Life 2 and play a little DoD:S and it's choppy there too. ( At this point I start trying the "run the game, then alt-tab out and make it run on one core" trick. Still nothing. I'm out of ideas and wanted to know if anyone else had any suggestions. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Rukee, I have almost the same rig as you. I was running 4x OCZ Pc5000 512MB EL Dual CH Platinum sticks. A few days ago, I started having hard reboots no matter what I did. I spent about 4 hours doing the same steps you did, and it turned out to be my memory. Try to go stock speeds, and use your memory 1 stick at a time, if they both do the same thing, try to pick up a stick of memory from somewhere just for testing. I had a spare PNY3200 stick from my backup computer which helped me isolate the problem. and now I have 2 sticks of my old memory to send back to OCZ for the Lifetime warranty ) Hope this helps
  5. Hi, I'm having trouble running 512MB OCZ PC5000 sticks in slots 1 and 3. I suspect it is a timing issue. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what timings will let me run all 2GB and pass memtest? I can get it to boot with 2GB now, but memtest shoots tons of errors.... any help would be appreciated thanks
  6. Hi, has anyone had experience with Wintec Memory (3500) on a LANPARTY nF4 SLI-DR? I just want to make sure my memory will work before i buy the board, any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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