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  1. Ok so I updated to the 5/10-2 bios, loaded up the no overclock settings from bleedin edge, wouldn't boot, set HDD delay to 2 seconds, booted right as rain, popped in my Memtest 86 ver 3.2 floppy ran flawlessly for ten hours. So now what? Any ideas for further stability testing. I was thinking about prime 95 but wasn't sure which torture test to run. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hierro.
  2. Sorry missed the idle temps a little at idle they are really cpu 27 deg C pwmic 33 deg C and Chipset is at 44 deg C. As far as coolong there are 2 80mm fans in lower front, 2 80mm fans out upper rear, one 80mm fan in side door over ram. Chipset is directly in the path of the lowest front fan blowing in. And my Vid card is sandwitched in between the flows from both front fans. My wife insists on keeping the A/C at 70 deg F right now for some wallet breaking reason. And the air leaving the case feels cool. Is there a chipset fan you can recommend that won't interfere with adding another Gigabyte 6800 Gt. Would you recommend AS5 for the thermal interface or the ceramique. And what would be the best way to lower the NB voltage without tanking the stability? Hierro.
  3. Finally got through 8 hours of Memtest86 ver 3.2 today. Then decided to run Prime95, but wanted to beable to check temps also, so I fired up ITE smart guardian for the lack of having anything else yet. results were cpu 27 deg C chipset 46 deg C Pwmic 35 deg C at idle, in Prime 95 Torture test mixed hit 36 deg C CPU 47 deg PWMIC and 47 deg C chipset. One other weird thin was all of my voltages were within spec except for the NB+1.5 V which was red at 1.66V . I'm currently trying to run at stock speeds, do I need to worry about this overvoltage? Hierro
  4. I didn't realize the amount of work that would go into getting this system up and running. If I can get this thing to run stable at stock speeds will I constantly have to tweak the settings everytime I change hardware or add some software, or will I be fine once I can get it running? If I can't keep it running stable can I yank all of the parts out and try them in another brand of motherboard or does the onboard memory controller make me stick with the motherboard I've got? I plan on doing some mild OCing at a later date, but right now I just need a stable comp so that my Chars on EQ2 and SWG can stop collecting dust. Any help would be appreciated. Hierro.
  5. OK, did a system restore to when I installed my DSL software and windows is back, not sure what happened there, but I seem to have recovered. Btw which lan connector seems to give the best performance?
  6. http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9833 Sorry this should do it, but it's from their OZC section. Also this might help http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=17
  7. http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showpost....75&postcount=10
  8. Ok so I loaded the Bios settings I got from BleedinEdge for a San Diego with EL Plat Rev 2 at stock speeds no OC. Everything was grand up to the point where I loaded my Yahoo DSL software, it worked, then went to Windows update it loaded the most current update software, asked for restart, Boom broken, Hangs at Verifiying DMI Pool data Restarts, hangs again asks if I wanna boot into safe mode. boots into safe mode, but won't boot into regular windows. FYI I used the lan port closest to the firewire port, port #1 I believe. Anyone had a similar experience and if so how did you overcome it? Hierro
  9. Just got my system going at stock speeds using the mem timings from Bleeding edge. Only concern I have is my Gigabyte 6800 GT core is running at 56 deg C at idle clean windows xp pro install nothing else running. CPU is at 30 deg C at same time. Wondering if I should have used 2 HD connectors and the adapter that came with the card instead of the one PCI-E connector from my PSU. Any ideas, are these idle temps normal? Hierro.
  10. Has anyone tried MS' Media Center Edition 2005? How was the experience? Hierro
  11. Will the fact that my side fan is blowing in at a slower rate on top of my HSF affect the performance of the HSF? If it is blowing in on top of the HSF. Hierro
  12. So should I load optimized defaults in the bios, or enter all of the settings manually to get a stable system at stock speeds? Hierro
  13. So with the HSF fan going in= toward proc. What is the best placement of the side fan blowing in. Hierro
  14. Howdy all. This will be my first DFI build, but not my first build. I've built a 233 Pentium and a Soltek XP 1800 rig before. Initially I will not be OCing. I will be using the rig for Gaming, Surfing, and office tasks. For the initial build Do I need to Flash the bios to a newer version for a San Diego Core Proc, won't know what bios it has until I start it up the first time. And do I need to set the settings in the Bios manually to run at Stock speeds or can I auto everything? Any help will be appreciated. Hierro
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