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  1. He says both a Coolermaster 380W PSU (that came with the case) and an unspeceffied 550W PSU were used. So is it possible/probable that he damaged the board with the 380W PSU?
  2. Is there actually any danger to the motherboard by using an unqualified power supply? (I've got a friend who has problems, and would like to know whether he could have damaged his motherboard). He first used a 380W PSU which came with his Coolermaster case. Then he used a PSU which he described as a 550W PSU (unsure of the brand). I told him that he needed to use a quality PSU (like the ones recommended here), but he says that now with a Silverstone 600W PSU and Antec Truepower 2 530W PSU, it still isn't working. So could the PSU's have stuffed up the motherboard, or could something else potentially be the cause?
  3. My DFI board wouldn't work with Seasonic S12 600W. So..I...gave up. Sold the motherboard... The board was very good though. Loved the BIOS: it's layout, it's CPU and vDIMM settings. It didn't have a problem running a DVDRW and a CDRW drive like my new Asus Premium is having. Just that I became a bit silence anal, and the chipset fan noise at bootup was a bit annoying, as was the PSU problems. But also the lack of room for 2 graphics cards with 2 slot cooling solutions, and the lack of room near the power supply cables (because the Antec P180 has them comming from the bottom).
  4. Just to add some info, I have a S12 600w "Rev.A2" (no zero), and I had problems with my DFI board. It has run fine with an Asus A8N-SLI Premium motherboard, though it did fail to power correctly ONCE (not sure why). According to sofware readings, the PSU is at the low end of ATX specs, and below about 6% on the ATX 5.0+. I've just bought a digital multimetre so I can confirm that this is correct (I don't trust the software). Could the problem be that many of the Seasonic PSU's are running towards the low end of ATX spec (as in there is variability in sample quality), and these PSU's are having problems with the DFI motherboards?
  5. With your speakers, grab a X-Fi Xtrememusic. They were $112 at Zipzoomfly when I last checked. It'll be MUCH better than on board sound.
  6. What's the difference between the current and the new Powerstreams? http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/powe...pply-sli_ready_
  7. Now that more about the issue is known, does it look likely that the DFI Expert motherboard has the potential for the same problem with Seasonic PSU's? (does the Expert need as much from the 5V and will the EPS connector help)
  8. I don't know whether my problem is the PSU, or something else I'm not doing, as getting 2 red LED DEBUG lights (VGA detection problem) seems different from the 'all lights DRAM' problem other ppl are getting...
  9. Yeah, I just used mine and it ain't booting (but I might have wired it wrong or something). It appears not to be recognising my VGA card as I'm getting 2 LED's, and that seems different from the other S12 boot up problem people have experienced. Any suggestions?
  10. Another thing, is it possible that the motherboard itself might be at fault? My one's a fairly old one (one bought in March).
  11. So it isn't the standard boot-up problem people have had with the Seasonics?
  12. So what usually happens when people are experiencing the PSU problem? I'm experiencing boot-up problems now, but I think that my graphics card is the cause, because my monitor isn't even detecting the graphics card like it used to (screen usually goes blank, rather than saying 'no signal). When my computer boots up, I'm getting 2 of the red debug LED's going.
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