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  1. Searched the forums but don't seem able to find a list of recommended memory for the Ultra-D Basically I have been running with 2x512gb matched corsair which was suppose to support 275fsb but just never worked over stock speed, even using manual settings defined by AG. What I want to do is replace this memory with 2x1gb cheap memory running at stock with known settings so I can just get the system to run stable. I generally play WOW and the constant swapping to HD is cheesing me off. 1gb is fine for my development stuff but does not cut the mustard for gaming. Any links or recommendations for known, no issue memory ? TIA
  2. Hi I have the NF4 ultra-D lanparty, details in Sig. I want to get some cheap generic memory (after wasting money on the Corsair 4400c25PT XMS4404 which never ran over 200fsb without crashing). I want to get 2gb for games and working in Visual Studio. I think it is DDR only on this board? (not DDR2?) I also want to get a new gfx card to replace my 800XL, I was looking at the 8800 range, probably a 640mb variant. Looking at mobo it looks like 2 16pci slots exist. Will this board support a 8800 gfx card and what good quality generic 2x1gb sticks can I get that will work without hassle on this mobo (took me weeks to get the corsair to work :/) Thanks in advance...
  3. Search forum and found this, similar position really. I have 2x512 Corsair XMS4400 memory in my NF4 Ultra D NEVER had it working over 200fdb which is a huge disappointment as I purchased for the 275fsb rating, I tried the links made here at the time on how to achieve it but PC would never post. Anyway... I want to up my PC to 2gb as I noticed alot of disk swapping and may upgrade to Vista shortly. Is there any memory (apart from same!) that will work alongside this xms4400 in the other 2 slots and would having all slots cause any issues? I am looking for the cheapest option, so maybe dumping what I have and getting 2x1gb sticks is better? If so, what should I look at which will behave in the NF4 ultra mobo, because quite frankly, the memory I got was a huge let down. Thanks for your time and advice /edit Mobo: DFI - Lanparty NF4 Ultra-D Bios: 5/10/2005 ND-CK 804-6A61FD49C-00 Mem: Corsair 4400c25PT XMS4404v1.1 2x512 sticks @ 2.9 CPU: Deigo 3700 (Retail HSF) @1.5 PSU: Enermax noisetaker 485W GFX: Connect3D 800XL 256mb HD1: Sata Maxtor 300gb (Partition 1=80gb, Partition2 the rest) HD2: Sata Samsung 200gb data drive Drivers: Nforce 5.86 , Cat 6.2 Vdimm @ 2.9 as BSOD all time any lower All rest defaults (Except CPU) as not sure how to O/C yet
  4. Long time since looking here again, I tried setting my system for 275fsb, paired memory which is supposably guaranteed. I used the settings in AG post to manually set the BIOS settings, however my PC just keeps rebooting. I tried upping the DRAM to 3.10 (as anything below 2.9, even on 200fsb justs BSODs). My bios also shows slightly different settings, for example; Where you have "32 Byte Granularity - Disable 4 bursts" I can only choose "auto", disable - 8 bursts, Enable 4 - Bursts. I have tried disable and enable but still reboots. I tried changing the PU/FSB down to 10 and 8, both just reboot after part of boot up shown, I tried 9 which went slightly further but said a windows file was corrupt and needed recovery. I set my settings back to 200fsb and boots fine. I paid extra for the NF4 ultra D mobo and this corsair memory as I wanted to overclock, not having any luck and tbh I have no chance trying to understand all these settings. Any ideas on what I can try to get the 275fsb ? I tried cpu/fsb 8 thinking that should boot and prove the memory fine at 275 but fails. What settings could I try to slowly increment the fsb to see where it gets to/ TIA
  5. Wish microsoft would get with times, I have not got a floppy drive so was fun installing XP. Why not some generic CD drive or even a USB drive as laternatives.
  6. Don't use a modem, prefer a router based box. Using a Netgear DG834G
  7. Update on my problems, using AGs guide to manually configuring the Corsair memory settings in the BIOS seems to have resolved my crashing and BSODs (Touch Wood) Not tried the Audigy patch
  8. Update, I like to give good feedback as well as bad. I manually configured memory settings with AGs guide for stock 200fsb and touch wood, it has not crashed once since (2 days now) GuildWars has not crashed at all when normally it would after 10 minutes ! So great stuff AG for posting the settings (I would never have got to them on my own). Only gripe is the BIOS on auto settings does not read the corsair xms memory correctly as it was flaky as hell before.
  9. I had same, until I tried AGs stock 200fsb memory settings for my corsair memory. Not had a crash since and GuildWars hasn't crashed Used to fall over every 10 minutes
  10. Is there an official patch fix? Reluctant to use third party modded versions.
  11. I am now on vdimm 3.1 It just regularily crashes I tried PCI express timing thingy to 105 (Seen an Angry Gamer thread with it suggested for ATI card) that crashed in windows within minutes! Checking PC health after crash, CPU around 40c , HWF? 48c, the other 47c Not sure if factor, it is a Coolermaster Wavemaster case
  12. I get same thing ! Not a screech, just like someone flicked the power switch quickly! Same effect though, blank blue screen Funnily enough I have an audigy2, I will look for updated drivers for that as well.
  13. 1 & 3, but it has been in 2 & 4 as well. Memtst gives no errors but I guess something thrashing it like Guild wars may cause problem I am going to look what CAT drivers are about as well.
  14. As per my Sig Anything on the memory less than 2.9 causes BSOD, CPU was upped 1 to see if helped. I have also since added the plus something on vdimm. cannot remember name until I reboot. I hoped this new rig would be great, my previous 3 builds with other boards/memory have been solid.
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