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  1. Three things: 1) Would the thermal pad have cooled better than Arctic Silver 5 or is Arctic Silver 5 better? 2) Is it okay that I used only 70% isopropyl alcohol and no acetone? 3) Also, is it okay that first, I used a piece of plastic to scrape the thermal pad off and it kind of scratched the copper? Thank you.
  2. Someone with an X2: Is that gray square on the bottom of the copper plate on the heatsink that comes with the X2 a thermal pad? Is it okay that I wiped it off and am using Arctic Silver 5 instead? Or was that a bad idea? Thank you.
  3. I am looking to buy memory for my new system. It's an Athlon64 X2 system. My question is, if I am not going to overclock, should I buy DDR400, since it has the lowest latencies? If I buy faster memory, will it run at the faster speeds automatically, without me overclocking? If not, is it anything more than setting the speed in the BIOS or do I have to mess with the reference clock and everything else, too? Thank you very much.
  4. The 5/10 Beta BIOS for the LanParty NF4 SLI-DR is available both from Oskar Wu's web site, AND from DFI's Beta BIOS site. Which place should I download it from? The DFI web site has only one version--which version is it--1, 2, or 3, as Oskar Wu's web site has the three different versions? Please note: I am NOT asking which of the three versions I should download from Oskar Wu's site, but rather where I should download it from, and which version the one from DFI's Beta BIOS site is. Thank you. By the way the DFI Beta BIOS site I am referring to is at: http://www.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/dow..._FLAG=B&SITE=US
  5. Which 5/10 BIOS should I download? I need Dual Core support. Should I download one of the one's from Oskar Wu's site or the one from DFI's beta site? DFI only has one version, where there are three versions on Oskar's site. Thank you.
  6. Thanks a lot. They're both just as well-performing at stock, though?
  7. What about at stock speeds? Do they both run with the same stability?
  8. Is the TCC5 that OCZ uses in their Platinum Revision 2 Series as good as TCCD? Why or why not? Thanks.
  9. I know that OCZ now uses TCC5 instead of TCCD in their Platinum Revision 2 Series. Could someone please tell me if TCC5 is inferior to TCCD and why? Thank you.
  10. I'm getting the DFI Lanparty SLI-DR mainboard, Athlon64 X2 4400+ (Dual Core), either an OCZ PowerStream 600W or Enermax Noisetaker 600W (Not sure which one to get; if someone could advise me on this, that would be great, as the Enermax has two +12V rails and on each has 18A, and I'm not sure if this is enough, and the OCZ has 20A on one rail and I'm not sure how much on the other), Corsair TWINX1024-3200XLPRO 2x512 DDR400 (the memory in question) and that's about it for the important specs. Could someone please advise me on whether I will have issues with this memory running at stock speeds? Thank you.
  11. There seem to be problems with Corsair memory and the DFI Lanparty SLI-DR from what I've read on these forums. Is this true? What are the problems specifically, and will I experience them if I run only at stock speeds and don't overclock? Thank you.
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