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  1. I have all 4 power leads properly connected. The firewall is not installed. Somehow this feels like a hardware problem as opposed to a software issue. How does one check the efficiency of a power supply?
  2. I asked for help a couple of weeks back because I had a chipset fan fail. I replaced the fan with the Evercool VC-RE. Everything was fine for a couple of days and then I noticed my chipset temps were sky high and when I looked I found the new fan was not running. When I stopped swearing, I rebooted and the fan started very slowly. After about twenty minutes it had stopped running again. I had been using the 3 pin connector on the motherboard so I went to a 4 pin and hooked the fan up there. The fan seems to be working fine now but my computer has been acting very sluggish and unstable. I am not crashing but things just are not right. For example, occasionally when I click on a link online or on my desk top, my monitor will go black for a second before it opens the new page. Have I damaged my chipset? Could this be a PS beginnig to fail or some sort of motherboard issue?
  3. That one isn't any taller than the stock one? My video card should clear it ok?
  4. I see a Evercool VC RF and it looks like a VGA cooler. Is this what you are talking about?
  5. Well here I am again. I have been very happy with the machine you guys helped me build but now I have a problem. My original chipset fan has stopped working. I understand I have to remove the mother board to remove it. Is there an after market fan that will replace the old one or should I pull the heatsink and replace the whole DFI unit. How do I get them to send me a new one? I can't get the website to open.
  6. I have the Tt Armor Aluminum and I love it. Lots of room and light. My experience with Chieftec hasn't been too bad either.
  7. I also added a 80mm fan sitting on the case blowing straight up into the chipset. My VGA card is really creating this problem due to its size. I am idling at 46-47c. I am looking at some additional VGA cooling options.
  8. I understand the problem with the placement of the huge board I have. It is a BFG 6800 Ultra and I would hate to void my warranty by changing chip coolers. I had a 80mm fan laying around so I rigged up a bracket to prop it up. I placed on the floor of the case aimed up at a 45 degree angle aimed directly at the chipset heatsink. My temperatures have moderated considerably. I now have a temp of 47-48 under a moderate load. I did pull the board and reseated the chipset fan and that also has helped. This is the first post I have written on the first computer I have ever built myself! (with a great deal of help from alot of you guys) Thank you!
  9. I took it out and reseated the chipset heatsink using AS-5. Looks as though my chipset temps have fallen to 48-49 idling. This should be ok, right?
  10. Is it possible to remove the chipset fan and heatsink with the board in the case? Do the white fiber pins with the hex heads unscrew or pull or what?
  11. Is it pretty straight forward taking the chipset fan and heatsink off these boards?
  12. The rpms on that fan are a little over 7000 rpm and I don't have a way of adjusting it, that I know of. My ambient temps outside the case are in the high 70's and inside the case the temps are 38-39c. If I get any more air moving around this thing I am going to start suffering hearing loss.
  13. Well I have my new build up and running. NewEgg is going to RMA refund my ram so I ordered some Platinum OCZ. I just noticed in the Nvidia SmartGuardian program that my chipset temps are hovering around 57c. My cpu is fine at 37c and my PWMIC (whatever that is) is 41c. Is this something I need to be worried about?
  14. I flashed the 06-15-2005 BIOS and the CPC option is back. Thanks again for all your help.
  15. So I just skip that option to enable CPC and the second one listed will correspond to a3 on the guide?
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