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  1. I've just ordered an X2 4800+. Is my current BIOS 623-3 OK for the X2s? Cheers in advance.
  2. Yes you are hearing me right. I enabled ports 1+2 in RAID menu, because the Raptors are connected to them. 3+4 are disabled because they have nothing to do with RAID - and I'm using SATA3 absolutely fine with my new single Caviar drive. I just can't work out why port 4 isn't working - apart from the fact that it might be dead. It appears in the BIOS post screen and shows that nothing is connected, along with port 3 which shows my Caviar is connected.
  3. Yep, and in the RAID menu I set ports 1&2 to enabled.
  4. Up until yesterday, I used just 2x WD Raptor drives in RAID with SATA ports 1&2. I purchased an additional Caviar 250GB drive and found that my X1900XT graphics card gets partly in the way of SATA port 3. No problem I thought, so plugged the new drive into SATA4. When booting however, the drive would not detect. I tried one of my other Raptor drives in that port on its own, but that wouldn't detect either. Eventually, I managed to force the Caviar drive into SATA3 and that works fine, although the SATA plug rests on the graphics card. I just need to find a SATA cable with a shorter plug, similar to the Ultra-D's provided cables. So, everything is fine at the moment, but I'd just like to know whether my SATA4 is dead, or whether I've missed something. Cheers in advance.
  5. As I said, AMD are being let down by nVidia. I don't blame AMD. As you know, a lot of people are having this problem, and nVidia still have not sorted it. It's six months since I originally suffered the problem, and nothing has changed. Of course I can't speak for everyone else, I'm merely frustrated at my own experience with AMD third-party chipset support. I have always had frustrating problems of some sort. Admittedly, I'm sure Intel have problems as well. I was just frustrated over something that should be simple and hassle-free. I even followed nVidia's instructions on extracting the RAID drivers from their latest nForce drivers for both XP32 and XP64. Both sets gave me the blue screen. I had to download one of the versions that soundx98 pointed me to (from planetamd64.com). Why can't nVidia put a working version on their website? I'm sure the solution you posted works all well and good and I truly appreciate your help, but it seems like a lot of trouble for something that should be extremely simple.
  6. That worked perfectly. Thanks, I owe you one!
  7. Thing is, it should be Nvidia offering support on these drivers, not DFI. To be completely honest, I can't wait until Intel release a competitive chipset/CPU combo. You just don't get these sort of issues with their chipset drivers etc. They just work. AMD has always been let down by poor chipset/driver support.
  8. Nice one. I will see what these do for me. Good to see I'm not the only one with the problem. Did you have the same problem? What the hell are nVidia playing at? :mad:
  9. I've tried installing XP64 again, after I couldn't get it to work a few months back. Did this yesterday with no luck. Originally, I was getting blue screens during the install process and I suspected it was down to the F6 SATARAID driver that I'd downloaded from the DFI site. Anyway, I gave up trying and left it. I tried again yesterday, but this time I downloaded the latest XP64 nForce4 drivers (6.69) from nVidia (here), and extracted the SATARAID driver (5.52) from them. I got further this time, in that XP64 installed OK, but when it loads for the first time after installation, my system resets itself on the XP64 load screen. I get a flash of a bluescreen before it resets, but it doesn't stay long enough to read anything. Strangely, in XP32, I tried using the latest 5.52 driver extracted from nForce4 XP32 drivers 6.70 (here), and it causes a similar problem. Bluescreen before it can enter Windows. I have to use an older version for it to work (5.18). Unfortunately, none of the older versions seem to work for me in XP64. I downloaded DFI's latest XP64 F6 RAID driver (5.34, dated 2005/07/22) from their website again (here), and it complains about missing file NVRAID.CAT when installing Windows. Sure enough, there is no NVRAID.CAT on the disk! Any ideas people? I appreciate this is a longish post, so please let me know if you need anything clarifying. Help much appreciated.
  10. Can anyone recommend any of these 2GB kits? I want to order in the next couple of days, but just can't decide. Corsair 2GB DDR XMS4000PT TwinX (2x1GB) CAS3 - £158.57 G.Skill 2GB DDR HZ PC4000 (2x1GB) CAS3 Dual Channel Kit - £146.82 OR G.Skill 2GB DDR ZX PC3200 (2x1GB) CAS2 Dual Channel Kit - £152.69 As you can see, I'm torn between two G.Skill options. Should I go for low timings and use a divider, or settle for high clocks with slacker timings? Tough one, because I can't find any agreement on forums as to which is the best option. I was going to get Crucial Ballistix, but that's had major problems. I was thinking about the OCZ EB Platinum, but nowhere seems to have it in stock and it's quite pricey anyway. Any other options out there? SORRY, I should've put this in Recommendations and Hot Deals section. Can a mod/admin move it please?
  11. I don't find that's the case. When my CPU voltage was at 1.500v, my system ran Prime95 for 12 hours before failing. I did this twice and both times it failed around the 12 hour mark. When I boosted it to 1.525v, it passed the 24 hours.
  12. Hehe, thanks. Yep, this BH-5 is the business. I got it nearly 3 years ago for my 875p Intel system, but it was wasted at 200MHz, because my ABIT board wasn't capable of more than 2.8vdimm. I could get good timings out of it, but not much else. Definitely the best buy ever... it's still going strong in my DFI Ultra-D, and I still can't believe the performance of this memory .
  13. 24 hours for me too: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/whitehead.alex/overclock2.jpg :nod: When torture testing my Opty it was failing after around 12 hours, which annoyed me. Knocked CPU voltage up by 0.025v and passed 24 hours. I just can't live with an overclock if I know it's failed Prime95.
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