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  1. One dimm in bank 2 works fine... That's how I installed XP64 I've only attached the ATX (24 pins) powercable... Have I overlooked others? I will try running memtest for several hours this weekend. But what if I get errors... how can I interpret these and know what settings to adjust?
  2. Hi DFI-users, I'm also experiencing troubles with my DFI motherboard and memory in dual-channel setup. Looking on the internet, and here, I found several possible sollutions but none are working so far. Current setup is corresponding with the settings Corsair recoommends: 2.7V 2.5/3/3/6... Toying around with the voltage settings doesn;t help... I've put them up to 2.8, 2.9 and 3.0: each time while XP64 is starting up in the firts screen it gives a BSOD with several error messages: MEMORY_MANAGEMENT, IRQL_NOT..., DRIVER_IRQL... etc.... Flashed to the latest official BIOS, but no solution. I'm using the 2nd and 4th bank as reccommended. In single-channel setup it does work? I hope someone has the same config that I use and could tell me their settings, hoping that works for me as well. It seems that a lot of customers report these symptoms, wil there be a definitive official solution from DFI for this behaviour? Menno.