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  1. I looked, and figured it'd be stickied. Couldnt' find it. So my scores are okay?
  2. Hey guys. I run an SLI-DR and 2x74GB raptors on the nForce based raid "controller". I get about 206Mb/ps in HDtach. Can anyone post some screenshots of thier similar setup so that I can compare? I would like to make sure that I am getting the right performance out of my drives.
  3. I managed to get my twin raptors running raid 0 in linux. It moves at about 135 mbp/s, usually.
  4. All I know is that you ahve to set an option to get it to see 4GB. That to me says it requires special functionality, patch or not.
  5. Bump. Chip ran at 2.52 at 1.6v. Didn't push it any harder because I had bad memory... Anybody make me an offer.
  6. Fortunatley for me, I'm waiting until 65nm, and/or quad core... so I get to wait for the bios to clean up, as you say they do. Plus I just got this 939 kit. I want it to last me a month or two... or six.
  7. This chip served me well, but it's time is over for me. My new dual core has replaced it and since I've sold my nf3, I've nothing else to use to make it live again. Hopefully somebody else can. If you are interested in this processor, please PM me. I'm asking 70$ shipped.
  8. And it is for this reason that I have respect for you. Before everyone seemed to want to crucify me for saying it, but it's the truth. There are far better boards, and oddly enough, one of them is it's predecessor. How long until you guys whip out something nforce-5-ish?
  9. I wasn't aware of that... hrm, now my overclocking toolchest is bigger. I wonder if it's in portage... if not, I guess I'll have to learn ebuilding. Anyway, I really like linux. Quick updates, updates to real problems quickly, instead of just ignorning anything that doesn't make front page on the NYTimes. Seriously, the quality of software is better, and it gets better by the day, and noticeably so. There is an update to my system at least once a day, and everyone in one way or another improves my system, rarely unnoticeably. Especially with the GNOME desktop suite... I love it when there is an update to something like Rhythmbox.
  10. Prissy I can handle. But blatant bugs, nah.
  11. As an overclocker, the eXpert was awesome. Unfortunately, it had a few bugs that simply deterred from it kicking wanton butt. If it didn't have the ATX powerdown issue and the temp sensor bug (where anything but hte stock program killed it), it'd of gotten a 10 from me.
  12. Well I'm glad that angry agrees.
  13. I'm against the eXpert. Probably one of the worst boards I've ever used, while it's "lesser" brother the SLI-DR is a much better board. Of the two, go SLI-DR. But if it's not an option, go CFX3200. It's getting as good a recieval as the SLI-DR, and consindering how much betrter the SLI-DR was recieved than the eXpert, if the CFX3200 is getting a similar review... go for it.
  14. Thank you for the thorough reply. I doubt I'll be using Raid 5 because I've heard that dmraid doesn't entirely support it yet (dmraid is the linux version of driver for this type of soft-raid, and supports many devices), and from things I've read in this thread, apparently the raid 5 on the nf4 boards is a bit sluggish? Iono. I am buying a 320GB deep storage drive, probably with the WD cust-loyalty program... Anyway... what I was looking for was that 16kb bit. I will test varying striping sizes using hdparm and whatever proves to be the best, whatever. Either way, raid 0 will be better than nothing. I suppose I'll also test a few filesystems and maybe even post a howto here on how to get these devices working properly (at least in gentoo). That's for down the road, however. Thanks for your help, sir.
  15. I've got two raptors in raid 0 (74GB). What is the reccomended striping size? Also, will moving to raid 5 increase performance at all?
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