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  1. I currently have my setup on the onboard audio. I have a 4.1 Logitech 440wt speaker system, this thing can thump. I do have an Audigy regular card, but should I use onboard audio, upgrade to something better, or use the Audigy?
  2. im thinking of getting a newchipset fan, adding AS5, anyone know of any chipset fans and HS's that will fit this?
  3. lol, im sorry, I cant believe this. This explains and helps out alot. Although this doesnt help when my SLI concept comes about, guess I need a new mobo
  4. I am fed up with the heat issue I am having. I have found out why. The chipset hsf which gets extrememly hot sits under the video card in the top PCI-E slot. Would it be ok to put it in the lower pci-e slot? Or does it have to be in the top slot?
  5. I am about to put all my goods into an Antec P-180 case, just bought it today. Hope this case is worth the money. Anywhoo....I am wondering if the onboard audio of my motherboard (UT SLI-DR) is better than a regualr SB Audigy sound card? I am using a 4.1 440wt speaker system from logitech system, so 5.1-7.1 isnt an option, but I am trying to use the best possible setup I can. Let me know, also, would CPU usage be greater or less using the onboard audio?
  6. which is better to use on the LAN ports, well, which uses less CPU usage?
  7. I just did a reformat, and need a link to all the chipset drivers, motherboard drivers, graphics drivers, sb audigy drivers, and any other drivers that might help me out, the only reason I am asking is for someone to point me toward the perfect drivers.
  8. did it, it works, now, i have another problem. I can boot to hard disk. Now I am trying to reformat, and it freezes and "Installing Devices" at 34% everytime, what could be causing this?
  9. Ok, I decided to do a BIOS update on my UT SLI-DR. I dont have a floppy, so I used the winflash utility and flashed it that was with windows booted up. So, I restarted, and it booted up fine, but when it got to where it was going to read from the hard drive, screen went black(but didnt turn screen off) and stayed that way, like it was searching for the HD. So I went back into the BIOS, set the first boot to cd-rom, which is what I always do, set second boot to hard disk, and third network. Still the same. Am I doing something wrong here, is there some setting I missed or something, what does this delay/freeze mean?
  10. ok, if I DONT have a 3 1/2 floppy drive, how else can i flash this?
  11. I currently have the 3/10 bios, why would I need to upgrade to the 6/23 Bios, whats better about it?
  12. because of u, I have played 2 hours straight with no lock ups, and this helps me, because now I can reduce noise with the many fans I had in there, when the temps were decent without them
  13. Guys, I have been having a problem with a crash that occurs out of nowhere, for no reason, and its always at the most unexpected time! Of course, this is common, but I am here to fix the problem. The problem is, from what I can tell, is in just about any game I play (NEWER GAMES) is that it crashes to a BLUE screen, not the BSOD, just a blue screen with a heart wrenching screeching noise. I then have to shut off the computer and boot back up. Here is my current setup: Lian Li pc-60 DFI Lanparty sli-dr nf4 Amd 3700+ 939 San Diego - with stock cooling 2x 1gb Patriot 2-3-2-5 running stock Radeon X850XT pci-e 256mb running at stock Western Digital 36.6gb 10k rpm HD Sound Blaster Audigy - could this be the damn problem? OCZ modstream 520wt psu 16x dvd-rw 4x 80mm blue led fans Neatgear 108mbps wireless g card Windows XP Pro with all updates and sp2 installed Here are some pics, first off to show its not a heat problem, because I have tried with case on, and with side case off with a small room fan blowing into the case. CPUZ specs If you need anymore information, please feel free to ask. I thought this should be enough, but let me know.
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