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  1. Hey ThunDA, I'm not overclocking yet, so I'm running the at default on Bios 6/23 as well. Do you have any sugestions, Would it be copatibility with OZC platinum Rev. 2? I went and got 4 stciks # $169.00 a pair, and now it seems like I might have waisted my money :confused: By the way I appreciate all of you guys' coments!
  2. I have all 4 populated. What is the perpuse of 4 dimms in a MB when you can't use them at full speed :confused: Where do I find a chart showing what works with what core? I have SanDiego 90mm. Is it the core, or is it the core or is it the nForce4 chipset the problem?
  3. I did clear Cmos but, did not removed the battery. I changed all my settings back after flashing. I trying to find out why is my ram running at DDR333 :confused:
  4. :confused: When I reboot my PC, I get the following in my screen (I turned of screen logo): CPU0 Memory Info.: DDR333 CL:2, 2T Dual Channel, 128Bit NVNM: 4.052.0805/20/05 Tcl:2, Trcd:2, Tras:5, Trp:2 (2T Timming) NForce4 SLI And Half the times I get this with it: Warning! Now system is in Safe Mode Please re-setting CPU Freq. in the Cmos setup All I did was updated to the bios (showed in my signature), and added 2 more 512MB sticks. I have not changed anything in the CPU settings and the CPU ratio is set to Auto. Help!!!!!!!!! :confused:
  5. Not the case for me under either one. Thanks for the sugestion.
  6. Sorry I've been out of town. Yes, I just iunstalled windows 2 months ago (when I builed this system), and I installed all drivers after installing OS starting with chipset drivers, CPU, Video, sound, etc. I have not checked in safe mode but I will find out soon. I trying not to install the OS again, because it's a pain.
  7. Thank you for your advise but, I already have the Atlhon 64 win xp drivers installed (I installed the latest one, and still no difference). I showed my hidden devices and no luck. How ever I saw under "non-plug and playdrivers" a "parport" that had the following info: This device is not present, is not working properly, or does not have all its drivers installed. (Code 24). I'm thinking like ExRoadie suggested, I'm going to have to re install OS. I've builed many pc (mostly Asus boards), and the Athlon 64 CPU it's always there under device manager with out any need for drivers. I'm going to try to reflash bios to version 310, because that is the only thing I've changed besides adding a total of 4 x 512MB OCZ Platinum Rev. 2 Any has any other sugestions it will be appreciated.
  8. I any system I've built using windows XP Pro, I always depend on device manager to make sure all my drivers have been installed properly, and there is no conflicts. I find it odd that I can not see my "main device" (CPU) in device manager, witch leads me to beleive that Windows may've not installed properly, or that something is wrong, considering that this system is not runing all that much better than my old P4 3.0 Ghz system with 1gb Ram. I figure with a 4000+ san diego, and 2Gb Ram it should make a big difference (specially since it made a big difference in price) Any help will be appreciated :confused:
  9. There is no CPU or Processor in device manager what so ever. I have all my other devices, but not the CPU. Any sugestions :confused:
  10. Hi everyone, I just notice my Athlon 4000+ ins not showing in device manager. device manager in not showing a CPU at all :confused: Is this normal??? I think I may have a wrong setting. I just went to bion 623 a few day ago and added 2 more 512MB OCZ Platinum Rev. 2 (for total of 4) sticks. I don't recall if the CPU ever showed there before. Any help will be appreciated. By the way I'm not doing any overclocking yet.
  11. Hello there, I have 4 512MB OCZ Platinum Rev. 2 sticks using bios N4D623-3 from DFI website and it's running stable, then again I'm not overclocking yet. I hope it helps
  12. Also check to see if you are using bios "310" fro DFI website. It seems to be very stable. then again, I'm not doing SL-I I'm just running 1 card. I thing for sure, the bios enables the "CPU external cache". I had to disable mine otherwise it would not boot. Also check in geine bios your mem timing. In mine it detectec a number wrong, I had to manually change it, and that did the trick for me. I hope it helps.
  13. Good quality and good over clockability (I think I just made that word up ) memory, that is what you pay for. Platinium are silver Golg are gold
  14. have you tried diff. CPUs?? is your external cache disabled in bios? Mine will not boot with external bios enabled. hope it helps.
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