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  1. same thing is happening here i do have a ghetto PSU an Aspier 500w with a 20 pin connector to a 24 pin adapter but i have never had problems up until like 2 weeks ago, i first noticed it playing BF2 and like 40 min just shut down now its happening more frequently while surfing the web or at idle doing nothing it is really making me mad i have though about getting a new PSU but it could be anything at this point so replacing one part at a time doesnt sound ideal but who knows does anyone have any ideas
  2. ok this pop up spyware adware whateverware is really making me angry microsoft spyware doesnt detect there is no real removal instructions that i can find on the internet has anyone else picked up this pesky annoyance and removed it successfully? it would be so appreciated if someone could help me out
  3. i got the aerocool ht-101 under load im at about 54C and 38C idle ive herad people getting cooler with other fans but this is fine for me
  4. well i dont know why people dont like the corsair ram it took some tinkering with but i finally got a rock solid oc out of my RAM up to DDR600 http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc?id=28088 i got a 20% oc out my venice 3200 and a 50% oc out of my RAM i am a huge fan of the TCCD controller and will never look back at the other RAM i have had just get the SLI-DR and some 3200xl and get on with it
  5. my gpu temp doesnt show up in mb5 i have 2 cards any way to get them both in there please help
  6. is there anyway to do it from the PC sso i dont have to put it back in the xbox i mean its a 5400rpm 10gb drive it seems more of a hassle than anything
  7. is there a way to unlock it i have it set up in my rig now it just wont do anything with it disc manager recoginizes it but wont partition it there has to be a way to unlock it
  8. ok i took my 10 gb hdd out of my xbox after putting in a 120gb and now i put the 10 gb in my rig thinking i could use this as a test hdd to install beta versions on or other os's just to play around with them disc manager recognizes it but it wont partition it. its on the secondary ide channel where my dvdr and cdr are on the primary is this a problem do you think. i know ide is like beta and no one uses it anymore but i dont know why it wouldnt work unless M$ locked it in some weird way but if it was locked there is always a way to unlock it please help if you have any ideas
  9. this site is awesome compared to the real deal how does it compare since i got the UT board i still have never seen an official badge is it a exact replica?
  10. i didnt know where to post this thread so i put it here i got the UT lanparty n4 sli-dr and it didnt come with a case badge i realy want one for what ever reason anyone know where to get one or got one laying around they are willing to part with
  11. i saw that these are available now. maybe i been out of the loop but this is news to me. i mean the bus is faster but the access time and the latency seems to be worse than the 1.5 anyone use any of these drives and whats the deal with them
  12. i have this same problem along with my raptor my barracuda is in that lsit i dont get why its there but i dont disable it thats for sure
  13. i got my corsair xms 3200xl to ddr600 as well http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc?id=28088 but im stuck at 2.4 for my cpu i can boot at 2.5 but fail miserably at all tests
  14. anyone use this as it has the rev E update its in the alpha stages so im kind of waiting but if anyone has used it let me know how it has gone
  15. whats the deal with this? Is this basically the produciton date? i got the venice 3200 and i didnt look at the chip before i plugged it in but everest says CPU Stepping DH-E3 anyone else have this stepping and had good luck with oc'ing im kind of stuck at 2.4 and anything higher i get errors but i got my ram flying at ddr600 http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc?id=28088
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