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  1. Greetings people, finally today my new componets arrived and of course i started immediately to set the whole thing up ^^ Unfortunately i heard about certain issues the DFI Ultra-II M2 might have with the AMD 65nm Brisbane CPUs. To get a first impression i installed the RAM, Heatsink, of course the CPU and the Gra.card and booted Well.... the result was no sound from the internal speaker and of course nothing showed on my screen :-( I heard that DFI knows about the problem that this motherboard doesn`t support Brisbanes out of the box and i guess i have exactly this problem. DFI seems to offer a service where a new BIOS EEPROM will be send to the customer as soon as possible if this problem occurs. In my assumption i guess i have exactly this problem and now i need to get in touch with DFI to get one of these BIOS EEPROMS with an compatible Firmware. I hope you @ diy-street can help me out how to handle this. Thanks in advance and sorry in advance for my bad english its not my native one :-)
  2. Greetings, i have the following problem with my Raid1 Array (2xHitachi 7K250 160GIG) Qfter setting the whole thing up within the Raid BIOS i started to install the OS and following the procedure after pressing F6 during the blue install screen. I added the two device Drivers (Raid/Storage) and after that i created one big partition quickformat it and installed the OS as it should be So far so good the systems comes up the first time but here comes the weird part ^^ As soon as the Windows XP started it detects some changed system settings that is it seems Windows detects new hardware and added it so the device manager. After pressing ok the system restarts but after this i can`t even boot the OS properly and the whole thing is messed up. When WinXP tries to start it just stops and said it can`t find certain Files which are important to boot the system up so it seems WinXPdo some changes to my Raid1 Array and after that get confused. What could it be? I am using the current RaidDriverPackage from the 6.86 version of the nForce driver. Thx in advance for helping me. Bye Dennis
  3. No this wont do the trick Well could it be that the previous BIOS Versions incorrectly displayed the RAMClock? Cause if my calculations are right the following should be correct: 2700MHz CPUClock (9x300) and if you set the RAM to 5/6 then 245 should come out of it cause u need to calculate it with the CPUSpeed not with the HTT which means Wrong: 300 x (6/5) = RamClock Right: 2700 : 11 = RamClock Am i right?
  4. hmm i dont know what you mean cause before i did this BIOS Update the RAM Clock was always @ 250 as it should be if u set 300MHz HTT and 5/6 (166) for the RAM.
  5. Greetings, to make a long story short sice i updated to the bios version mentioned above it seems that the RAM always clocks a little bit under the value it should have. For example i set the HTT to 300MHz and if i adjust the RAM Divisor to 166 then the RAM should result in 250MHz but unfortunately it is only 245MHz reported by Memtest and CPU-Z Is that a common issue and can you guys help me? Sorry for my bad english but its not my native language.
  6. Anybody who can at least asure me that this board works with 2xSP2504C 250GB in a Raid0 Array?
  7. The System is absolutely "StabilityApproved" Wel i know that my posting count could be a reason to think i am a totally n00b but i would say i am not :-) Setting up a RaidSetup isn`t a very difficult thing to do. I appreciate your kind help but i guess my problem is a little bit more difficult. As i already mentioned i am not able to boot Windows properly. Everything seems ok the Windows BootScreen shows up then it takes a few seconds and then it simply restarts as someone would just press the reset button.
  8. Greetings people :-) well to make a long story short i have a serious problem with my Raid0 Array. I build a Raid0 Array based on two Samsung SP2504C HDs. Everything work fine and the ordinary procedure was completed successfully :-) (Launching Windows-Installer Press F6 insert floppy and so on...) But the first time Windows should start into the GUI after the installation process u can see the boot screen and it looks as it comes up but then after a moments the system simply restarts. Needless to say that i have done certain things on my own to get rid of this problem. The settings shouldn`t be the problem cause i used the OCed CMOS Profile and the default Settings. I tried to disable some on board stuff but even this without luck. So in the end my thought is that there is maybe a BIOS problem with this HDs. Does the FX60Beta File include a new Raid Bios version? Or do you guys have other suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help :-) greetings from germany Dennis
  9. So guys any investigations done which could help to solve the problem cause i`ve got exactly the same problems.
  10. Exactly that was the reason i selected HighVoltage RAM (OCZ VX) again cause this time i want to get sure the RAM is verified for HighVoltage. Of course its not the scientific way to bring light into the darkness but for the people who dont have the stuff to do real and detailed research its a good alternative In my opinion the VX warranty not only is valid for the PCB which can handle such high Voltages of course it implies the ICs at least it should cause the warranty is valid for the whole product. So as i said i cannot do the scientific research BUT i am sure OCZ can and defintely has done it. So its their task to sort out any potential problems that might occur and therefor they can make a VX product possible otherwise it simply wouldnt exist. I dont want to go the easy road i want to help and participate in finding a solution for the problem and therefor i give it another try on the VX RAM and i will see what happens
  11. Well i really hope DFI will find a (easy) solution for this problem and even if it happens "behind the scenes" so to speak. To be honest i have grave concers if that will ever happen.
  12. Well guys i just think that the OCZ engineers have made up their minds about releasing a RAM which guarantes a VDIMM over 3,4Volt and that in combination with lifetime warranty those guys would shot themselves in the foot if it wouldnt be generally possible. I mean think about OCZ ambitions these guys should have done some research about this topic and came to the conclusion that an extreme Voltage RAM is possible. U shouldnt forget that these RAMs are on the market not just since yesterday and i never heard of that much RMA requests since the DFI issue. So what i am trying to say is that not the amount of voltage is the problem but maybe the way it is generated in the case of the DFI its maybe the 5V Rail which causes general Problems cause people with a OCZ Powerstream never had that much problems even if they overclock their 3,3 Volt Rail for HighVoltage RAMs.
  13. Well but u forgot that the VX Modules are validated to work @ HighVoltages so i think OCZ wouldnt produce a product when they cant get sure that it works absolutely flawlessly so for me the OCZ VX Modules are an example that HighVoltages on particular RAMs are not a problem so thats an argument that we cant blame it all on the RAM wouldnt u agree? Well maybe the truth lies in between...
  14. Exactly the fact that u have already toasted 4 Sticks of VX which is validated for up to 3,5V VDimm should be an evidence that there is something wrong with this board. But the DFI guys in here pretend as it would be nothing really serious. As they already told us they have not find any difficulties with this motherboard and high vdimm so whats the matter? User faults? Yes maybe but in the case of VX RAM there is something more we have to talk about. And even if Oskar is the reason we have this high VDimm options out of the box without have to mod this mobo and loose our warranty a faulty implementation (if thats the case) is even more worse than having not this feature.
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