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  1. I owe some money for custom cooling.
  2. Got this as an Xmas present, not looking for this kind of cpu to play with so it's going up on the forums. 700$ Shipped FIRM being that it is unopened an retail is around 800$. Non CC paypal, or MO is fine. BTW: Set WR on Cab2e Mem controller on my last FX57! OnePageBook over @ XS did 3.2gig on stock air cooling on very close steppings IIRC. cab2e 0531RPMW fx57 http://img261.imageshack.us/img261/169/p10102320pa.jpg http://img261.imageshack.us/img261/3044/p10102337pm.th.jpg http://img189.imageshack.us/img189/2945/p10102348wt.th.jpg Heat is: http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=43956
  3. Mobo + CPU are brand new... aswell as RAID 0... Booted up until i flashed to the new FX60 Beta bios then flashed back to 6/23, i'm guessing it worked up until this point... don't really know... anyways... the system boots about 1/5 times. Sometimes it just sits there on 1 LED no display, sometime it does boot but freezes on black screen w/ blinking underscore, and sometimes it freezes right before DMI pool. Any help here guys? And BTW http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...7&highlight=led This thread didn't help me :confused:
  4. I understand this... but this mobo giving me 400 errors at stock is not cool..
  5. lmao... it's funny this last board i'm talking bout is STOCK... it just came out of the box about a week ago. I didn't touch overclocking it at all!
  6. Turns out.. it is the mobo... took my old DFI NF3 Ultra-D for a try and surely enuff error free @ 250HTT 2-2-2-51T 3.2v.... 5 runs in DC error free. Immediatly afterwords i stuck everything back into my SLI-DR... back to 400 errors at the same settings. Time to buy that Jetway i always wanted... 4 replaced SLI-DR's is a sign..
  7. But... why do the sticks pass 5 runs of memtest STOCK w/o errors when i run them in single channel in the top 2 slots, but when i dual channel them they gimme like 40k errors? O and by single channel i'm talking bout both bottom yellow/orange and individual sticks.
  8. Yes they are being cooled, and i've tryed the 704-2BTA. So it can be my CPU? but why do the top 2 run in SC but the bottom 2 slots don't run in SC?
  9. These sticks have served me quiet well... but i'm getting the feeling the extreme voltage they ask for + NF4 SLI-DR = keeps screweing up my CPU memory controller or something. I'll post pictures in a day or so.... will ship US, asking $165 Paypal free shipping. Didn't really play with THESE particular sticks because of my current mobo delema, but i did manage to boot 265 2-2-2-51T 3.48v (according to bios+booster) sticks are about 2 weeks old.. a weeks worth of use.
  10. Sorta weird... but my memory won't run SC in the 2 slots closest to the CPU, but run DC in both yellow/yellow orange/orange and gimme alot of errors in memtest particularly on test #7... so the question is, why won't the memory boot individually in orange or yellow slots closest to the cpu? tryed both 6-23 and 7-04
  11. Sorry for the tripple post... but it seems 3 lights DOESN'T mean memory after all... i took out new 4400 x2 out of SLI-DR, stuck it into NF3 Ultra-D... no boot either... going to try my friend's 3700 + Sandy tommorow... guess the cpu is DOA. :mad:
  12. Would DFI sending me new BIOS chip solve anything?? I mean each time i sent mine back and got a fixed one the setup worked.... BTW the setup works in my NF3 Ultra-D. I haven't booted this PC until TODAY where i got my new 4400 x2... i haven't been able to get into windows yet.
  13. Ooops i'm sorry.. forgot to edit that, the Booster is running 3.2V since i haven't been doing ANY overclocking in the past 2 months.. haven't updated siggy, sorry for the confusion, but on all 4 mobos it was this SAME exact thing, the evil 3 LEDs.
  14. Hello once again i've getting really sick and tired of this SLI-DR series of motherboards... this is my 4th i've gone through in 2 MONTHS! Well i've done all of the 'Hard Boot' steps, i've tryed 3 diffrent memory sticks, running 6-23 Bios, tryed ALL dimm slots w/ the 3 sticks of diffrent memory. I've called DFI and they wondering if i need a new BIOS chip. Anything i should do or could do?
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