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  1. I having the same problem now ! but when i put the VGA to second PCI-E slot, it does boot up ! now i have to switch the SLI jumper to x8 x8 only able to use the first VGA slot all the time i was using the first VGA slot at x16, restart the system few hours ago then got this kind of problem already. Please help and sorry for my bad english.
  2. Wanna ask, the Corsair PRO RAM is it able to fit in when using the Big Typhoon VX ?
  3. I would like to ask, how long we should clean the WB once ? Half year ?
  4. There have another way i haven't test yet, move the SLI jumper to x8 x8 . it might be able to run on the first VGA slot1 i guess ? too bad i have to return the card later so i have no chances to test anymore.
  5. All the time i was using MSI 6600GT @ 16x speed. Recently i have chances to test these two cards, but realy disappointed me. when i put the card in VGA slot1, the beep sound i get is SAME as i didnt put in VGA card and on the system. and my fren's system is in my house now, he using ASUS A8N SLI PREMIUM board, once slot in either one card into it, work perfectly. :eek2: I wonder why just now cannot show my signature here.
  6. i have try two different units X1800XL in my SLI-D, one is MSI and another one is Sapphire brand, i face the SAME problem as the threadstarter ~ ! :mad: I wonder is it imcompatible issue ? :confused: Anyone ? ahpaul82 will make sure his sig appears in every post.
  7. Using software, MBM5. (Don't have DMM) in BIOS also show 4.86v~4.89v something like that.. Im not worry, just expected a bit more only
  8. Have been waiting this Baby almost a month, Finally she here !
  9. Have been waiting this Baby almost a month, Finally she here ! But my +5v rail seem a bit low, only 4.86v :sad:
  10. Have been waiting this Baby almost a month, Finally she here !
  11. Anyone could help me order this thing ? Im not able to find it in Asia....
  12. Is it possible to get An OCZ GamerXtream PSU from Singapore ? anyone from Singopre here ? Malaysia OCZ Distr don't want to bring in this model... Due to no market. anyone could help ? thank you.
  13. I got my OCZ Modstream from our local forum's bulk order. AVF ? hmm.. i doubt they carry OCZ product.. they only carry CoolerMaster or Zalman PSU only. thank btw.
  14. May i know where to get the OCZ 600W GameXtream PSU in Malaysia ? anyone care to help ? thank you.
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