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  1. sorry i updated my sig to reflect the new HD...i know i can enable the 3.0 GB transfer thru hitachi utilities, but im not sure about the SATAII and NCQ? any settings in the bios/mobo? as for the power leds...the manual pic (thanks for attaching) shows there is only 1 cable for Power LED and 1 ground...if the center pin has no charge should i swap around the single + ground cables? should the ground even be connected? thanks for the help!
  2. closing WoW after a long play time always freezes my pc...very frustrating!
  3. 1) i cannot get the power led to work with my new case (chenbro gaming bomb II). the case only has 1 cable for the power LED and the mobo has 3 connectors. none of them work...any tips? does the ground from the case need plugged into one of the 3? 2) also, i recently bought a SATA II / NCQ hd. is there anything special i need to do to enable these features in the mobo? i have no idea how to test if they are working thanks in advance!
  4. i know to use high purity isopropyl (sp?) rubbing alcohol which i have... it is frustrating...i know this is supposed to be a board for advanced users, but i dont think you should have to spend hours tweaking settings just to get the system stable. i havent even been able to attempt OC yet! i thought TCCD really didnt need such high voltages (esp at stock speeds)? are there any negatives for moving the card to slot 2 to allow more airflow?
  5. i have the same issue, and its extremely frustrating. the majority of replies seem to try to blame the memory really, how many bad solid state memory sticks you think are out there compared the mobo/bios issues i think it may have to do with the northbridge overheating? my temp was around 55c checking in the bios after the crash. is it possibly to use the pci-e card in the 2nd slot to allow more air to the chipset fan? i also may try to reseat the fan with AS5
  6. im not sure how to actively monitor the GPU temps...ive read MBM doesnt do it. can you suggest a program? i paid more to get the quiet vid card w/ the all copper heatsink, so i really hope that isnt the issue http://www.newegg.com/OldVersion/app/viewP...-127-158&depa=1
  7. ok i hooked up all 4 power connecters...still got 3 random BSODs over the weekend. my old system was a cheap AOpen mobo + crucial memory, and never once did i get a random BSOD. i paid alot for my gear below (pretty much all of which has been recommended on this forum) and am extremely frustrated. 1) always happend during high load (games) 2) i get a quick BSOD then the system powers down, i dont even have time to read the exact message. i noticed the chipset temps were 54c is that too hot? i dont have power down system on overheating enabled tho in the bios. should i? other possible issues: 1) memory settings? i cant even run stable at default settings...there are so many options in the bios, the Patriot manual just has these settings: can you guys recommend the rest? Model# PDC1G3200+XBLK Item # N82E16820220033 Specifications: Manufacturer: Patriot Memory Speed: DDR400(PC3200) Type: 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Error Checking: Non-ECC Registered/Unbuffered: Unbuffered Cas Latency: 2-2-2-5 Support Voltage: 2.6V Bandwidth: 3.2GB/s Organization: two 64M x 64 -Bit Warranty: Lifetime Specifications Speed Memory Timings Voltage Settings PC3200 (400MHz) 2-2-2-5-1T 2.6-2.7v PC3500 (436MHz) 2-3-3-6-1T 2.6-2.7v PC3700 (466MHz) 2-3-3-6-1T 2.7-2.8v PC4000 (500MHz) 2.5-3-3-7-1T 2.75-2.85v PC4200 (533MHz) 3-4-4-8-1T 2.85-2.95v
  8. guys im having similar problems to malachii...and yes all 4 power cables are plugged in. i keep getting random BSODs during gaming, even tho memtest is successful for 8+ hours. the system is running fine, then all of a sudden a quick BSOD, then it shuts down. just for a stable build, could you guys recommend which bios and default settings to use for the patriot memory? thanks in advance!
  9. ack so i need to hookup the FDD-type and HDD-type connectors on the mobo (looking at the manual)? ack im a dumbass, didnt know they were required. sorry i went from nforce2 where i had 1 cable from PS to mobo, now i guess i need 4 why would my system boot at all with only 2/4 connected? wot exactly are the FDD and HDD type power connectors used for?
  10. yes its 2.0...which 4 connectors are you talkin about? i know 24 pin 4 pin fan cable what am i missing?
  11. hello all... first of all it took me numerous days to install this system due to the factory bios hating my dual channel ram finally i upgraded to the 5-10/2 bios and everything was fine for a few days. however, last nite during an epic battle in WoW (im talkin outdoor raid, huge mobs, and about 100+ other players) i got a BSOD, then a system shutdown it was def the most intensive moment on my pc since the succesful install, and it crapped out. ive run memtest overnite with no errors... this board clearly has bios/dual channel memory issues, any tips would be appreciated it. im not running tons of components so my neopower 480 shouldnt be the issue i hope
  12. yes the iPOD works fine when charged with external charger, or using the exact same docking station in my old pc via a 10 dollar firewire card. issue only occurs with the DFI mobo firewire port, 3 consecutive nights with the system off the battery is completely dead the next day. why would the mobo firewire port be leeching the iPODs battery?
  13. done tho i dont think how its really related to anything besides the mobo and possibly a bios setting
  14. Hello all, using the built in firewire port on my DFI UT-SLI DR, my ipod battery is dead every morning if i power down the system and leave it in the firewire docking station. it appears as if the system is leeching the battery when its powered down? this never occured when using a seperate firewire card on my old system nforce2 system is there some king of setting in the bios to resolve this? any tips would be appreciated...and yes i have the newest chipset drivers/5-10 bios/windows sp2 & all hotfixes
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