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  1. it detects the camcorder but when i go to capture video from tape it tells me that device is not connected. also when i click safley remove hardware it is not displayed in list.
  2. im using panasonic digital camcorder. all software is installed and when i plug in cable the pc reconizes camcorder and tells me everything is ready for use. When i go to capture device using windows movie maker it keeps telling me device is not connected. im using 623 bios.
  3. they always throw in cheap psu in a case buy a tagan or a ernamx. spend at least 50 pounds
  4. im using a 98 bootdisk. I havent typed in the awdflash. Ill try it now. ta mate
  5. I find my computer restarting itself when first booting up and periodacally the bios resets its self back to factory settings leaving me to re-enter date and time again along with other settings. Any causes that may make this happen
  6. I have tried to update to 623-3 bios but for some reason when I type at a: prompt the command n4d623-3.bin/f the message I get is cdr101 not ready reading drive d. I have manually flashed before with your help. Am I typing in right command or should I be using more letters. I cant use the auto flash because it will give me the message that a system disk is not in and I must remove medisa to continue.
  7. This motherboard does not allow me to use the flashable bios. I always have to do it manually
  8. I have bootef using 98 boot disk. At a: prompt I type n4d623-3.bin but keeps comming up not ready reading drive. I think this is command line I used before to update bios but cant get this to flash. Am I typing it corectly. The exact message I am getting is ( cdr101 not ready readind drive d) But I am usind the a: prompt.
  9. sorry, I should have mentioned that I am running pc on stock settings. Temps are all fine.
  10. comp has been stable for a while but now when turning on for first time pc will halt and reboot a second time. this happens almost everytime now. there has been no changes made. :confused:
  11. you need to check circuts of house, there is something odd with how you house is wired and the various circuts.
  12. have begun to get some freezing during gameplay, but have just crahed to a blue screen where windows say it has encountered an error and has to close down to prevent any damage. Has any got similar problems. I am running at stock settings withg no oc at all.
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