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  1. thanks for quoting an old post of mine. had this BIOS for ages now and shared it with ther guys here. nice clocks there on your 6700. but you should be able to drop the multi and get the fsb over 400 e.g. 9x411 should be stable.
  2. one on website is 12 days newer I guess 11/03 and 11/15. any feedback Raju, how it compares to the 11.15 for you? btw will an MCW30 fit NB? thinking of votmodding. has it improved clocks for you(voltmodding that is)
  3. of course. does the link work?if not pm me your email address. http://uk.geocities.com/[email protected]/97TIDB03.BIN
  4. right i just got the 11.03 BIOS and for me its much more stable with this x6800. also temps are reading a bit lower too.
  5. nope thats the 11.15 BIOS. its a different BIOS version.
  6. I heard there is an 11.13 or is it 11.03 BIOS that allows higher clocks?some guy on xtreme says he has it. anyone here seen it?
  7. i can get 430 stable on orhtos. i can actually boot pc @ 490, can get in windows with 480MHz but not stable at all. anyone know how to hardmod the nb for higher Vmch?Im sure we could get stable at higher fsbs with say 1.9V.
  8. man this BIOS is amazing. im @ 400, trying higher now. couldnt even go above 360 before!
  9. nice one mate have fun.im still waiting for my s775 kit, stock is limited in Oz and its much cheaper if I wait for a stockist rather than import from UK/US.
  10. yes it does, you have to reset cmos jumper, using reset cmos in winflash wont do it. but less stable for me, dont see why I would want to use higher vcore for same o/c as 913 BIOS.:mad:
  11. hmm i wonder if 2V would get us above 400MHz.
  12. yep on x6800 can set multi to whatever.howver i need higher vcore on this BUIOS than 913, I see .04V Vdroop instead of .02V. bah humbug.:mad:
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